Your Questions on Depo, Coil, Pills answered by Dr. Kamau Mumbura #KirathiGiaCarolKinyugoMwaura

Following previous episodes tackled about different Family Planning methods on #KirathiGiaCarolKinyugoMwaura, dr. kamau mumbura is back to answer the questions you raised.
In this episode we re-look at Depo, Pills and Coil asways of family planning.
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25 thoughts on “Your Questions on Depo, Coil, Pills answered by Dr. Kamau Mumbura #KirathiGiaCarolKinyugoMwaura”
  1. Congratulations carol , thanks for your educative lesson , please next time let the doctor teach us about short cycle but regular , when is one able to concieve with a short cycle

  2. Depo is dangerous 🤔 ghai niliitumia ikafanya period zangu zipote🤦it's four years ago untill know hazijai come,God help me 🙏 I pray,I need a kid

  3. Ebu next time niulizie kuna wale tunatumia ile time tu tunaenda date like ukijua unaenda kesho unakunywa b4 iyo day alafu after 2day kutoka day iyo inazuia ball?

  4. I am allergic to copper and knew about it through having copper T…l was very itchy all over the body and had blisters which were oozing clear fluids. I can't wear copper/ Rose gold jewelleries

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