Your Leg Pain Questions Answered with Dr. Joshua Dearing

Troubled by pain or swelling in the legs? In our first ever Ask the Doctor: Lunch and Learn broadcast on Facebook Live, Dr. Joshua Dearing, vascular surgeon with MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center, shares his insights into the origin and treatment of leg pain.

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23 thoughts on “Your Leg Pain Questions Answered with Dr. Joshua Dearing

  1. I was diagnosed with RLS about 10 yrs ago. Was so severe in the beginning! Got put on Gabapentin and was allergic. Then I was put on Ropinerole, doubling the dose bc it wasn’t helping and still isn’t. I suffered a WMHA 3 mos ago… could these be related? My legs kill me in the evenings no matter what I’m doing. I even bought a medical grade leg massager and it helps me sleep. The med does not help…even recently doubled. Thank you!

  2. Do not amputate yr foot you can cure it using your hand only, punch it day/ night. I’ve a deep hole in my leg,I was worry as it get larger and I start punching ,as the veins was not working well causing blocks veins by punching it recirculate the blood thus curing the wounds. Punching even it hurts,can punch normally,w/o hurting yrself. My Dr did warned me about amputation but I believed I can cure it and also to proof to my head nurse in my dialysis centre doubts me but when I showed him my covered wound. He asked me by punching. Yes,by punching,punching and punching. Support me if u find it work,it’s not by miracle but constant punching use thumb up,support me so that people believed and support me and ppl can avoid amputation and avoid wheelchair,we don’t need wheelchair

  3. Thank you for this video! I will be making an appointment with a vascular specialist. You described my symptoms to a tee
    The charlie horse spasms have been keeping me awake at night. I have numbness in my feet & have been having difficulty walking lately. Since I.was recently diagnosed with "mild diabetes",
    I thought that there was nothing that I could do about it!
    Thanks again!

  4. I need help. I have pain in my lower thigh (front end) right above the knee. It feels like a lump or it’s swollen and it’s hurts if I push down too much on it. I used to put my elbows on my thighs when I’m eating using a TV dinner stand. I believe this is what caused it but I need to be sure.

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