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Your fertility & heavy metal toxicity | Unexplained infertility & miscarriages

Heavy metal toxicity can play a big role with my patients that aren’t getting pregnant or aren’t managing to carry a pregnancy full term. Luckily homeopathic heavy metals detoxing is really effective in helping these couples conceive and have healthy babies. So I thought it was time for me to give you the low down on how heavy metals affect fertility and how to know if you may benefit from a heavy metal detox.

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00:00 Intro
01:24 3 ways that metal toxicity affects your fertility
04:42 Miscarriages & chemical pregnancies
06:26 Unexplained infertility
06:53 Detoxing from heavy metals naturally
08:07 Testing for metals before & after detoxing
10:27 Detoxing heavy metals yourself
12:29 Signs & symptoms of metal toxicity

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48 thoughts on “Your fertility & heavy metal toxicity | Unexplained infertility & miscarriages

  1. Hello. My FSH, according to my test, was 26.6. Can I still get pregnant with the FSH this high? Also, are you taking patients right now? I would like to get pregnant but my hopes are fading away.

  2. I just turned 40 2 months ago and suffered a miscarriage 4months ago. I am taking vitC, vitD, vitE coq10 dhea and a prenatal.i had 2 failed iui with my rei and got pregnant on my own naturally. Do you have any advice on why or how to get preg naturally

  3. Hi,
    Iv'e been watching a lot of your videos. I'm 24 years old and I been experiencing PCOS for a long time maybe 6 years. I just found out I had it two years ago. I need help I can't ovulate or have a baby. I keep getting put on all kinds of different medications i'm just stressed and don't know what else to do? And if i come off my birth control for a while I don't get my period at all and my OBGYN said i have to stay on it because i need a period or I can get cancer I'm just nervous and don't know what to do at this point.

  4. Hi good day i have a question, this month my Premom app predicted 3rd is my ovulation day and my other app predicted it was on the 7th but on the 2nd I was expecting pain and LH high and BBT was high also, I’m a little confused on which day is correct? Can you help me out please and thanks 😊

  5. Thank you for making these videos, they have been extremely helpful to me, I've been dealing with candida and started taking supplements that you have suggested. I want to purchase your protocol for detox of heavy metals. Do you over a promo code?

  6. Hi, does an s/o check oligoscan really detect toxicity? I have done one and it seems I have a lot of toxicity. But you mentioned only real way is through the hair ? Also can we do a one on one session with you in order to know what to do and how to remove it from the body ?

  7. Ekkk…I have at least 5 fillings that are silver! I hope they aren’t leaking! I’m currently getting my teeth up to par, maybe they can redo them 🤔 I’ll ask if I’m not pregnant on my follow up appointment to put a cap on my last cavity on the 4th. I’ll ask either way, and if I am wait until I give birth. My teeth have always been bad, and they say it’s all because my mom gave me a bottle in bed and the bottle was left it in my mouth. 🥴😩

  8. Thank you for this informative video. After two miscarriages and a few suspected chemicals.
    I have been trying to find (on my own) the right thing to do to cure my fertility struggles. I do have several mercury fillings and lived in a house with high levels of lead. I suspect I have hashimotos. I am using supplements and a detox called TRS. I want nothing more than to be a mama. 😭

  9. Thank you so much for this video Ingefleur! I’m not sure if it’s the same protocol as what you would recommend (I will have to check out your website!) but I am currently in the middle of cleansing from heavy metals, mold and parasites. I’ve been TTC for over six years now and have been told my progesterone is only slightly low and estrogen is only slightly high, so it’s not likely that it’s the root cause of my infertility issues. This video really encouraged me to keep going and to not give up until I am successful. ❤️ Thank you!

  10. omg, most of d things u mentioned happened 2 me, my first born is alive,but she is a premature baby, followed by 2 ectopic pregnancies, 1 normal pregnancy but was premature and died 7 days after birth, then I had 2 miscarriages in 2018 and last miscarriage last May 2020. I also had chemical pregnancies, numerous positive result then I'll have my period or the embryo would come out, so traumaticing, then I had uterus drop last 2018 and now again because I ran. And now, I'm having symptoms of pregnancy again because I wasn't able to take my pill for a day where we had contact and just finished my pms. I also developed a pcos and was diagnoaed last Nov. 2019. Please help me on how to detoxify

  11. I rejected this person who turned out infirtile and have no child of his own. Now moved here after 22yrs with stalking and hacking issues wants tontrol my life.
    Other rejected one married to a slut & is not fitting in with her.
    I consider them my brothers since 1st day they asked & I rejected.

  12. All vaccines have high levels of mercury and aluminum! Imagine, the poor little babies getting all those poisons!! Makes me crazy! And imagine a LIFETIME of vaccinations! No wonder it is difficult to get pregnant! Let's also not forget that EVERY Alzheimer's autopsy shows extremely elevated levels of aluminum in the brain! Ugggh! The Eugenicists (BillGates) are trying to kill us off and prevent their idea of over-population! Detox detox detox, Friends!!

  13. Hii m a big fan of your videos but i really want a suggestion regarding my case trying to conceive for a healthy baby i currently had an d and c bcoz of baby suspected with down syndrome but the trisomy 21 test was negative though but also we have consangenuios marriage plz reply

  14. Hi dear,
    I'm one of your followers and I am fond of your videos.
    Please, I would like to ask you a question about hepatitis B vaccine. I am a dental hygiene student and they told me to have this vaccine, but after i saw this video about aluminum that's contained and read articles about its side effects such as sclerosis. As a homeopath, have you already had it? Is it safe?
    Please i really need your help because I had a miscarriage 1 month ago and an ectopic pregnancy before and don't have children yet.

  15. Do you have an Instagram?? Or anyway I can communicate with you? Have some questions about detox for fertility and really out of wack cycle from being around those who have gotten the most recent injection.

  16. After you purchased Detox packages and spend 300$, if you have any questions, you have to put yourself on waiting list. Ingelfleur is not available even for the short clarification answers. (You receive automatic e-mail asking you to look at FAQ, and if you don't find your question there – just keep holding). Also, Don't forget that the prices of packages don't include prices of remedies. One remedy starting from 5euro and one remedy includes around 20 items in it. UK pharmacy that you are referred to also don't send you reply, they ask you to fill up request forms and then you keep on receiving automatic responses. I wonder, would it be possible that Igenfleur can sell us remedies along with packages or at least leave us an option to buy it from her.

  17. I really hope you can respond to this!
    I did a hair mineral analysis test, it revealed:
    Aluminum toxicity, copper toxicity through bio unavailable copper, and developing high level of mercury at 0.113.
    I haven’t been able to conceive for 3 years now.
    My adrenals & thyroid are functioning at 50%. I’m having all the scary symptoms of the toxicity.
    I’m currently on the appropriate vitamin supplementation from the doctor that did my HTMA.
    My question is, how can I properly detox these heavy metals *safely*? It’s totally screwing up my lady system and I’m ready to have kids. It’s so stressful having to deal with this.

  18. Wow the mental symptoms you described in the last part had my jaw drop. I just wrote in my journal how awful I'm feeling with the senae of overwhelm, lack of structure, chaos. Do heavy metals also tie in with PCOS? I so wish i could get on that list quickly to be seen by you. I am in desperate need of help.
    I really appreciate what you're doing here and how sincere you are in your efforts to help

  19. So I just had paragard removed 2 months ago and I'm trying to get pregnant . Do you think I should do the detox? Will it take a while for me to get pregnant even if the birth control was non hormonal?

  20. I love how you give us all the details and how to help ourselves and options for people to try! And not just push your own products on us like some do! I always enjoy listening to your videos!

  21. I just want to let you know that my (male) partner and I did your metals detox through September and half of October. I had miscarried in June 2020 and my cycles became really long with late ovulation. Well, I ovulated in time about a week after the detox was finished and I just got my bfp 2 days ago.
    Thank you Fleur!!

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