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This yoga class addresses common physical, mental and emotional symptoms of PMS. Sometimes the symptoms of PMS leave us feeling exhausted and unable to take care of our bodies and sometime PMS can throw our energy all around or leave us feeling stuck. This yoga class is gentle and nurturing enough that even if you are not quite feeling like yourself, you can come back to yourself on your mat. This class includes lots of breathing and movement. Poses that are held are restorative and nurturing – like child’s, embryo, supported bridge, supported legs up the wall, supported fish, etc. Every pose in this class has a purpose and I hope that you feel nurtured and supported throughout this entire yoga class. Let me know what you think below!

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Yoga Instructor: Erin Sampson
Location: Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Venue: Casa Colorado

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42 thoughts on “Yoga for PMS Yoga Class – Five Parks Yoga

  1. Yes! Thank you, Erin. After practicing one of your more restorative classes for my menstrual cycle, I'm so excited to practice this sequence specifically for just that! I'm grateful for your receptivity to feedback from the YouTube yogis that follow you. 🙏 I'm going to roll out my mat and enjoy my body during this beautiful transformative time. Namaste.

  2. OMGOODNESS!! This is a keeper!! I woke up ready to use another yoga video, but this easily won since it’s my first day of my cycle & boy this did the trick!! Many thx!! 😘🤗

  3. ok.
    so, i don’t have PMS, but i do have Pre-Move Stress! looking forward to our move in a week, but i so needed this.


  4. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful videos. I’ve been doing 1-2 almost every day 🙂 I was just wondering if you can suggest any modification to the child’s pose that is easier on the knees? I get a painful pinching in the back of my left knee whenever I do the pose, especially with my knees apart. Thank you!

  5. Great class Erin! I have been so stressed lately that I missed a period! Feels good to take time for myself and decompress. Thanks and Namaste <3

  6. Hi Erin, I’m a psychology student and know how beneficial yoga can be as an intervention for depression and anxiety; can I ask why inversions and being upside down in particular are good for depression, as you say? 🙂
    I’ve got bad PMS at the moment; loved this class! ♥️

  7. Just opened your channel because PMS had me feeling down and wanted to do yoga and THIS popped up. What a blessing. I love your stuff.

  8. GREAT! My upper body feels good after this practice. I wish there were more for the hips and lower lower back in this session. I will supplement.

  9. This was a godsend today! My body feels so great after being crampy and generally blah this morning. And I learned something new–insomnia goes with pms…that explains a lot! A thousand thank yous for sharing your talent with us! 😁😍🙏

  10. Thank you for this class, it was exactly what I needed this evening. I didn't have the energy for a regular vinyasa class tonight. I felt so much better when I finished than when I started and I swear my cramps eased bc of this practice. I so desperately wanted my time on my mat tonight, and I also got to use my bolster for the first time so that was great too. Thanks again!

  11. I think I paused the video for about 5 minutes to stay in supported bridge pose. It was exactly what my lower back needed. Unfortunately I didn't have a block but a hefty bind up copy of the The Alexandria Quartet did in a pinch!

  12. Wow this class is amazing. I have really bad pms and absolutely nothing I have tried worked. I did this class yesterday and today whilst having my usual pms anxiety symptoms and after the class I felt like a different person. Not only that, for the rest of my day I was so much calmer and energised then I am normally am at this particular time of the month. Thank you so so much for your wonderful classes.

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