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Xanax withdrawals 'like being tortured alive'

A Dearborn Heights woman who was on Xanax and an opioid suffered painful withdrawals. (May 30, 2019)


32 thoughts on “Xanax withdrawals 'like being tortured alive'

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  2. I quit 100 ml a day valium, 600 ml pregablin and alcohol…its Frikkin horendous. Words cant explain it all I can say is the one thing that kept me going was knowing I couldn't get any worse because the next step is death. Its horrible 😞I'll remember last xmas for the worst time of my life. Clean now but still not 100%

  3. It’s the worst thing I’ve ever done since I was a kid.. been addicted to them for over eight years it’s something I’ll always be addicted to and it’s a never ending fight with these

  4. These guards are liable for his death. I hope the family sues their asses. Never understood the draconian policies we have treating addicts and mentally Ill in the US. We have access to some of the best healthcare yet these jails, doctors and laws intentionally exacerbate the problem instead of treating it. Makes you wonder if their intentionally trying to torture addicts out of malice or spite. Sad thing is the innocent family members become the true victims in this senseless war. I hope the children of the jail guards and doctor and up addicts getting the same treatment so karma can run full circle

  5. Yup! I have panic attacks. Went cold turkey for 1 week, it’s like having a constant severe panic attack. I wish I never started taking it. I kept going to the er blacking out. That’s why I went on it. It works. No one warns you about this horrific side effect.

  6. My Dr has had me on them for 15 years , I want to come off of them as my anxiety only seems to be getting worse , now have panic driving. Do I taper off or what , I have taken them as prescribed and never abused but holy cow 15 years and you can't find a better way to help with my gerealized anxiety. I don't know how to begin and can't afford a treatment center. If you've been on long term and gotten off please share how.

  7. I used to take xanax,called a wagon wheel for a long time words cant even discribe how bad it feels to come off benzos i feel bad for her hopefully God will ease her mind.. and strenghtin her spirit in the name of Jesus Christ!

  8. Feel bad for him. Really bad. Also feel for her. My old dr. Was giving me 8mgs a day. 4 2mg bars, 120 a month with 3 refills. My dependence grew and grew. Easily taking 5 bars at a time multiple times a day just to feel what maybe 1 or 2 bars would feel like with a normal tolerance. Withdrawaled for 3 solid months on a fast taper when I finally decided to get off of them. Was on them for a few years like this, zero memory of those years. Benzos destroy your short term memory and make u gain weight. But nothing compares to their withdrawls. You much rather wish you were dead.

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