Would Men Be Responsible For Birth Control

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16 thoughts on “Would Men Be Responsible For Birth Control”
  1. If I could take a pill or something like the depo shot, I'd never slip unless I was ready. And only when I was a kid did I not take accountability for my actions.

  2. Okay, so here's where I'm confused. The most common types of birth control (used by women) are not taken in the heat of the moment. They're used as a daily supplement (pill), a periodic implant, or like a transdermal patch. The most common type used by men (in a sense), is a condom which IS used in the heat of the moment.

    So how are men not already in the presumed hypothetical situation presented here?

  3. If it were a daily pill I definitely think a higher percentage of men would use it than use condoms. One of the biggest problems with condo is they take away feeling, plus you have to have it on you then and there.

  4. I know I would. People don’t realize how important having a kid is and if you don’t realize it then you shouldn’t have one. Take accountability and stop hiding from responsibility. It makes you fucking weak

  5. I would never take a pill to alter my hormones and do God knows what to my endocrine system. Women shouldn't even be on a pill. There are multitudes of ways to avoid pregnancy. That's like saying I don't want to get out of shape so I'll just take steroids. Yeah you might look good, but who's to say the damage your doing internally?

  6. If you’re a Man, you have to take responsibility for EVERYTHING whether you want to or not. Women aren’t held accountable, men don’t have that luxury.

  7. Huh. 🤨😑
    When was it not a males responsibility to protect themselves. i.e. pregnancies, STDs, STIs, HIV etc.
    Is anyone going to trust the sexual health condition of a female, in this modern era.

  8. Logically it can’t be their responsibility. It’s the woman who chooses if she allows a man to have sex with her. That responsibility can’t be reverted to the man because the man has no say so. The woman makes the choice to have sex, she has the choice to take birth control, her choice to take a plan B and it’s her choice to tell the man to wear protection. The woman has ALL the say so whether any of this happens. If she gets pregnant, she chose to not exercise any of those options. And let’s not forget the degenerate decision of aborting the child. Women have 100% say so and control over that situation. Ultimately it’s her decision. Yes the man is the willing participant but he controls none of those decisions.

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