Women have specific health needs, and we want to help ensure that they are met.

Awarding a total of 1 million euros in financial support, The AXA Research is supporting 8 new research projects focusing on the topic of women’s health. Working closely with these researchers, our aim is to ensure healthcare systems can adequately respond to gender differences, and improve the lives of women all over the world.

As part of our initiative, discover our new series of short films celebrating the scientists dedicated to improving women’s health. Topics will include:

Improving the dietary behaviors of young girls
Detecting cancer with a portable device
Helping women with osteoporosis regain mobility
Improving the diet and health of Ghanaian women
Offering timely and quality obstetric care to African women
Identifying predictive factors of pregnancy-related back pain
Reducing maternal mortality and morbidity
Creating specific tools helping people support survivors of domestic violence

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To see more about how we are contributing to the improvement of women’s health, click here: https://www.axa-research.org/en/news/women-health

To watch more films from our series on projects relating to women’s health, check out our playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbLfQYSzQ-h2bgwFMbyHcfBBs64LDzFaj

About the AXA Research Fund:
Your well-being and future rely on the power of scientific research. The AXA Research Fund is dedicated to promoting discoveries that help us understand and deal with environmental, health, technological and socio-economic risks.

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