by Banyan Botanicals

In this interview, Nadya and Claudia discuss the following topics:

1. Why and how stress affects our bodies
2. How do we slow down without feeling guilty in our super busy world?
3. Three easy tools for balancing stress and hormones. Pranayama – Alternate nostril breathing, Abhyanga and sleep.

Welcome to Banyan Botanical’s “Ayurveda For Life” playlist, a series of educational and inspiring interviews with Ayurvedic experts. I am your host Nadya Andreeva. Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old health system offering hope for healing in our current modern-day lives. Our mission with the “Ayurveda for Life” interview series is to share the practical wisdom of Ayurveda with you, so that more people can live a vibrant and balanced life. I will be interviewing Ayurvedic experts including: practitioners, authors, teachers, bodyworkers, chefs, yogis, and many others that are passionate about this ancient life science. We believe that everyone can apply Ayurveda’s simple principles to their life and experience balance and wellbeing, we hope you’ll join us. Please make sure to subscribe to the Banyan Botanicals channel and stay tuned for all the upcoming episodes.

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