Women denied health care during pregnancy complications sue Texas

Nancy Northup, president and CEO of the Center for Reproductive Rights, talks with Alex Wagner about five women suing the …

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28 thoughts on “Women denied health care during pregnancy complications sue Texas”
  1. This is just the beginning of the Republican War against women.The first of many horrific stories. Vote appropriately. Democrats will protect your rights and codify Roe V Wade. Vote Democrat 2024.

  2. It will take the educated Women of America to stand up for our rights as human beings.
    Not those backwards empty- brained females on the GOP!

  3. I’m sorry for women going through this but I have to say this when you put these people in office they will come back and bite you you voted for your own poison

  4. Problems with the Texas abortion decision: 1. Abortions are only permitted when a woman's life is at risk, but doctors are too afraid of legal repercussions to make that determination. 2. A woman carrying a non viable pregnancy cannot receive an abortion and must go through the traumatic birth / miscarriage of a child that dies or is already dead. 3. Even if a doctor knows a woman's pregnancy is not viable, they must wait to intervene with an abortion until inevitable complications put the woman's life at risk. There's no legitimate reason to put off the procedure until a woman's life is at risk. That just endangers women's lives and puts additional strain on the healthcare system to provide emergency care when it isn't necessary. 4. Many city ordinances have been passed in Texas to allow private citizens to file civil lawsuits against women who are suspected of abortions. So women are going to be required to divulge their private medical records to prove they had miscarriages or legal abortions (either in Texas or elsewhere). Not only would these women's privacy be violated, but they'll lose wages if they're forced to go to court to defend themselves or hire legal representation against frivolous lawsuits. Even if there aren't a ton of people rushing to file these lawsuits, the very knowledge that they are being encouraged by local governments is part of a greater campaign to instill fear in the population and force compliance with their religious views on abortion.

  5. Giving birth became horror. There came a day where you want baby but you can't in that day you know how desperate you are

  6. In ethiopia more than 65% exposes to sepsis,loosing blood,no transport to go to health but still don't stop giving birth because they belive giving birth is blessing

  7. The Texas GOP doesn't want to clarify it. I don't know the history, but Iran has 61 exceptions where abortion is legal. That's probably not because the original lawmakers thought of all of it ahead of time. At any rate, Texas GOP should just copy Iran's list of 61 exceptions. Iran has already done all of the hard work for them. Guess what? It still doesn't work very well.

    From Wikipedia, "Abortion in Iran":

    "In 2005, the Legal Medicine Organization of Iran created a list of 29 fetal problems and 32 maternal issues in pregnancy that indicated that abortion might possibly be legal—only if, however, it was determined that the life of the mother and the fetus were both endangered if the pregnancy went through, and that the mother could be saved by an abortion.[5] Ayatollah Ali Khamenei issued a fatwa to this effect, allowing abortion in the first trimester for these special cases.[12] The Therapeutic Abortion Act of 2005, passed by the Iranian parliament,[6] stated that if the reason for an abortion was not one of the 61 listed disorders or abnormalities, the cases could be referred to the physician and then the organization, which would decide on an appropriate course of action.[14] The ambiguity of the guidelines for acceptance and the unpredictability of health during pregnancy, however, has not created much definition in the gray area that is Iranian abortion policy.[5] In fact, the Guardian Council rejected the Therapeutic Abortion Act after its passage in 2005,[12] adding to the confusion."

    Of course, Texas GOP knows all of this. Fairness, and preserving the safety of pregnant women, is not what this fight is about.

  8. It's ridiculous that non-medical legislators are putting women at risk. Instead of listening to doctors they listen to the rabble of anti-abortionists riled up by their own selfish emotions.

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