Well, during our appointment, we went through everything and I mean everything! Pam was able to look at the food I was eating, understand what my lab work was telling us, and what I was missing. We added supplements, added a few missing foods (eggs and grass fed cheese and butter specifically!

All of this to say: seeing a dietitian should be something that everyone does, even if you think you don’t really need it! The knowledge that dietitians gain in their master’s program and intense internship mean they are true experts in their fields. And we are lucky that Pam knows fertility, pregnancy and the postpartum period.

Bonus: if you are don’t he state health plan, dietitians are completely covered!

And with that, let’s get into our conversation with Pam!

What made you first want to work with women for their nutritional needs?

When I first started my practice in New Jersey, my patients were a mix of women and men. Five years ago, my husband and I relocated to Raleigh for his career and to settle in a place where we may retire someday. I took this opportunity to create the functional nutrition women-focused practice that I knew from my experience was very much needed and that best utilizes my experience and education.

What does a typical session look like with you and a client for the first visit?

The first session is an in-depth investigation and review of a woman’s diet, current medical problems, medical history, and other lifestyle habits that may not be supporting her goals. Equally important is educating a woman on what doable changes will give her the results she is looking for. It generally takes two hours because I leave no stone unturned.

When helpful, I will recommend additional labs and/or tests that can provide more information and lead to better care of your overall health and wellness. I will communicate with your doctor(s) to ensure that your care is coordinated for the best outcome.

What is one piece of advice you wish every woman knew when it comes to her nutrition?

That tracking calories and macros may be helpful in the short term, but rarely results in lasting health or weight improvements.

What makes you the right dietitian for a certain person?

I am the right dietitian for a woman who wants to get to the root cause of her problem and make changes that actually work.

When you are not working with clients, where can we find you?

I love to play tennis, cook, play my bass guitar, and read a variety of books and articles, especially ones that advance my knowledge of health and nutrition. You can also find me at the gym lifting weights, but to be honest, I can’t say that I love that but it is so important for my body to stay strong and flexible!

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