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Why Your Child Needs It · Dr Dad

This applies to your children as well. If you have doubts in your mind about whether you can give your child Vitamin C supplements and what is the recommended quantity, then do not think so hard. We’re here to answer your questions.

In what quantity can I give Vitamin C to my Child?

  • For infants, the requirement for Vitamin C is lesser than in a full-grown adult but it is recommended that you ensure your child receives a stipulated quantity of it every day.
  • For babies of less than 6 months of age, 40 mg of Vitamin C are recommended and for babies aged 6-12 months of age, 50 mg is enough. You do not require this if you are feeding them infant formulas.
  • For children aged between 1-13 years, Vitamin C should be administered daily in quantities not exceeding 45 mg.

Why is Vitamin C so important for your child?

  • Vitamin C helps to fight off various kinds of viruses and bacteria by building the body’s immunity.
  • Since Vitamin C is mostly found in colorful and flavorful fruits and vegetables, it may also help you to get your picky eater into eating something that is very beneficial for their health and also tasty.
  • Vitamin C helps in the formation of healthy teeth and bones for children. This is an important factor for the proper growth of your child during infancy.

With COVID-19 spreading its claws all around the world, everyone needs proper precautionary measures in order to fight this monstrous virus. Vitamin C has come about as one of the best supplements that can help your body prepare to overcome this virus. Thus, make sure your kids get the right amount of this supplement.



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