So what should you do instead? Gilleo’s answer is refreshingly blunt: Don’t put concealer there at all. In the episode she tells me we should never coat the area—use your cover-up sparingly and specifically. “I never put concealer under the whole entire eye because when it’s like under the outer corner of your eye area and underneath, you really can see all of those fine lines,” Gilleo says. “And I want to look as young as possible.”

While makeup has the incredible ability to transform you, it also can age the appearance of your skin when you go overboard. Yes, one of the easiest ways to look more vibrant and youthful is to pare back how much you’re applying. 

“I only do concealer in the inner corner, since that’s where darkness hides,” she says. “I just put a dab on the inner corner and then blend it with either a tiny BeautyBlender, a little brush, or even like your ring finger.”

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