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Why This Now-Gone-Viral California Couple Hid Money in Baby Products

Krystal Duhaney and her husband Patrick are parents to two kids, aged 5 and 8, and are expecting their third in October.

You may recognize Duhaney as the nurse and lactation consultant behind Milky Mama, an organization that helps support breastfeeding. But, before she founded Milky Mama, she and her husband really struggled to make ends meet. Remarking that the price of baby products had gone up considerably since their first child, the couple decided to do something to help parents—and their act of kindness is now going viral.

The couple posted a video to Instagram on April 30 showing them running out to three Target stores around Southern California and hiding money inside commonly bought baby items, like diaper boxes and formula containers.

“When we had our first baby, we struggled to make ends meet. Now that I own a successful business, I wanted to give back because I know how hard it can be,” she explains in the video. “You’re doing a great job and your baby loves you so much. I hope this helps some mamas out!”

Duhaney told TODAY Parents they hid around $1,000 that day. “We recalled how hard it was for us as new parents to afford some of the basics…and we could imagine how difficult it must be during this pandemic,” she told the outlet. “When we were new parents, the saying, ‘It takes a village,’ really rang true…Our neighbors, coworkers, friends and family members showered us with meals, pitched in to help with yard work and so much more. It was so amazing to feel supported and to know that there were people out there that cared. I wanted other parents who may be feeling alone to know someone out there cares about them.”

She added she hopes the video inspires a little more kindness in the world. “I hope they help other parents that are in need,” she said. “The world needs more kindness and I’m hoping our video inspired others to spread joy and kindness wherever they go.”

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