growing premium cannabis on a large scale

The legalization of marijuana in over 30 States of the country should have seen a large increase in the production of premium cannabis, but this is not so. It is also not for lack of trying. It is just hard cultivation to pull off.

Dozens of Entrepreneurs have contracted several cannabis growers to do this, but few have been lucky enough to succeed.

All plants require a certain level of care and monitoring for them to be cultivated on a large scale basis inside greenhouses or screen houses or even dark rooms. Premium Cannabis is no different. You could even say it needs more mastery than other plants.

The yield of crop hinges on the growing techniques used, the level of attention to detail put in, and also on the process of cultivation. A lot of growers pride themselves as being masters of cultivating marijuana, but a lot have failed when push comes to shove.

There are also some of these farmers who assume they can handle the cultivation of premium cannabis indoors because their outdoor plants are doing well. The point to note here is that these farmers do not have any successful experience in growing these cannabis plants on a commercial scale.

In this article, you’ll get to know how cannabis cultivation works, the right techniques to use when trying to grow premium cannabis indoors, and the things to consider when cultivating these plants on a large scale.


A Closer look at Cannabis Cultivation

The activity of growing marijuana at different scales can be very complex. To succeed, this complexity must be understood.

Cannabis seeds are unique and have distinct characteristics that differ from any seed. Two strains of marijuana seeds can’t yield the same plant with the same qualities.

To successfully clone a cannabis plant, you need to have a sample tissue of that plant, but this can take a while. because the tissue has to be full to ascertain that it is premium and unique.

Cannabis cultivation is thrilling, imagine planting a thousand seeds in search of one golden plant.

In the past, a few growers were able to successfully cultivate premium cannabis on a large scale for several years. This was in places like Mexico, where the cannabis black market was booming and cultivators were risking it all to grow these buds illegally.

Now that the use of marijuana is legal in several countries, these cultivators are long gone. Even with the presence of ready investors who are willing to input millions of dollars into the cultivation of premium cannabis on a large scale, the industry is short of experienced growers.

Cultivators now are only experienced in growing a couple of hundred plant stands successfully. This can’t be compared to the thousands of plants that will be grown if it is done in large-scale facilities.

Any error could lead to a reduction in the quality or potency of the plants. In extreme cases, it could lead to a  fatal loss of all the plants.

This error could be due to:

  • Exposure of plants to pathogens

  • Implantation of wrong techniques

  • Minimum control over the facility

  • Exposure of plants to excess environmental factors like temperature, humidity, etc.


The Right Environment for Growing Cannabis Indoors

Large-scale cultivation of cannabis indoors can be tasking. All rules must be adhered to for a successful yield of crops. The cultivator must be aware that any technique used must not mar the quality of the plants, not to mention that the products will be tested by the state before they can be considered fit for consumption.

Using harmful pesticides in the enclosed environment to combat vectors might be disastrous.

The best environment has to be tightly enclosed 24hours a day, till the day the plant is to be harvested. Environmental elements like humidity and temperature have to be carefully managed.

The facility must be well ventilated and irrigated. The nutrient concentration of the soil must also be noted.

Only an experienced cultivator can perfectly take cognizance of things like this.


Important Factors To Consider To Cultivate Premium Cannabis Large-Scale

Some factors must be considered before an entrepreneur can embark on this project. Oversight of these factors could cost the farmer everything—time and money.


The genetic makeup of the plant you choose to cultivate may either make or break up the success of your project.

You have to select classic premium plants with unique genes. This way you’re assured that you will always have a market for your premium product.

You should also diversify. Attempting to grow the same premium plant in all the facilities used might be risky. Always confirm the authenticity of the genetic makeup of a seed before you plant it on a large scale.

Take note of the plant’s origin, source, and cannabinoid content before attempting to cultivate it.

Soil and Applied Nutrients

The soil tonne used must be tested. This test would be certain that it is void of disease pathogens and pests. Also, it would guarantee that the required nutrients needed for the optimal growth of the premium buds are available.

Take care to ensure that the organic and inorganic nutrients applied have balanced nutrients of inexcusable quality.


The facilities must have inbuilt water systems. Large scale operations make use of up to 100,000 square meter facilities. You can consider installing automated water systems—it is cost-effective.

Hand watering a large facility would be difficult to maintain, and it might be expensive to hire labor just for this. This way there is more time for you to closely monitor the growth of your plants.

Bottom Line

Although the demand for premium indoor cultivated cannabis is high and increasing daily, the fear of losing millions of dollars due to inexperience is enough to keep entrepreneurs dissuaded from pursuing the large-scale cultivation of premium cannabis.

Some prefer to grow in small scales, while others stick to the usual strains.

Hopefully in due time, better techniques will be discovered to encourage the large-scale cultivation of premium cannabis.








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