Why I often serve my children something sweet as part of their main meal and how it can help to improve their relationship with all food in general.

If you’ve been following my website or social accounts for a while you’ll know that I often serve up the kids’ pudding or desert as part of their meal. I get asked a lot about this so I thought I’d explain my thinking here.

As my kids are growing up I’m trying to teach them that all food is “good” food. Of course some foods we eat more of (fruits, veggies, proteins etc) and other foods less of (cake, chocolate, crisps) but I try not to demonise any food nor put any food on a pedestal.

By serving up the pudding element of a meal along with everything else, we are physically showing kids that it’s not something that needs to be worked for. They don’t need to eat their other food first to “earn” their pudding and it stops us parents from using it as a stick to force the kids to eat more!

So what if the kids reach for the brownie first? Aoife will tend to leave it until last but Finn would always go for the brownie first. That’s no problem at all as I know that he will then eat the other foods afterwards.

When you’re starting out using this method and worried about your kids only eating the pudding part then I would suggest just having a very small portion of the sweet element to begin with. Maybe half a brownie then give them the rest when the other foods have been eaten.

Let me know if you try it!


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