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Why does a Woman Experience light flow during Periods? #AsktheDoctor

Dr.Ritu Choudhary – MBBS, MS – Obstetrics & Gynecology

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Menstrual flow can range between two and seven days. However, periods can fluctuate. For example, in the case of a pregnancy, periods will not occur

A light period is when,
the bleeding is fewer than two days
bleeding is very light, like spotting
you miss one or more regular-flow periods
you experience more frequent light periods


Depending on your age, your period can vary in length and flow. if you are in menopause, you may experience irregular & lighter periods. The main reasons can be attributed to hormonal imbalances.

Weight and diet
Periods can sometimes be affected by body weight and body fat measure. Underweight women can have an irregular period, again because of improper functioning of hormones. Losing or gaining weight can also cause irregularities with your period.

It is highly unlikely that you will have a period, if you are pregnant. You may notice some spotting, but it may be implantation bleeding.

Breast-feeding women generally do not get periods. This is because the milk production hormones prevent ovulation and delays your periods returning.

Birth control
Hormonal birth control may be the cause of a light period. Some birth control methods prevent an egg from releasing in your body. You may also experience irregular periods if you have started or stopped taking birth control recently.
You may experience lighter periods because of stress. The brain can alter the menstrual cycle hormones if a woman is stressed. Your periods should return to normal, once the stressful event passes,

Heavy exercising
Athletes can be under immense physical and mental stress, have low body weight, and use a lot of body energy, this can alter periods, due to fluctuating hormones.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
If you’re experiencing irregular periods or have stopped menstruating, it could be the result of PCOS, which again causes irregularity in hormones.

When should you see a doctor?
Women of any age can be at risk for light periods. A light period can be a sign that your body is not working as it should. You should talk to your doctor about what might be causing it.

Talk to a gynecologist if
You miss three straight periods without being pregnant
You have irregular periods
You experience bleeding between periods

Light periods may be a sign of a more serious underlying health conditions. Regular periods indicate that your body is in good working order. A light period could indicate problems with hormone levels. Consulting a doctor with respect to the symptoms will help you determine the cause of lighter than normal periods. Talk to a gynecologist for more info about light periods.



Hormonal Imbalance especially thyroid
Weight gain
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)


Periods duration lasts less than 2days
Usage of fewer than 2 pads per day

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35 thoughts on “Why does a Woman Experience light flow during Periods? #AsktheDoctor

  1. See madam I took covisheild on 12th feb and I had a tough week of final exams until yesterday and yesterday I got my period and it's brown thick sticky changing just once a day what is happening?being an mbbs 3rd year student I'm going crazy idk

  2. i have a regulr priods on my date but this month period had come on time but unfortunately i have suffring fever 🤒 102 temp nd. I have only 1 day period less bleeding and stop the fever had 2 days and i feel so tired but bleeding not com am so depressed why periods leess bleeding only 1 day can I pregnant? Am so depressed wht shuld do

  3. I have periods for 3 days and have normal blood flow.. But within few months I found that my flow has reduced..I heard that those who have low homeglobin will have lesser blood flow..Is that true?Should I consult a doctor?

  4. My period comes every month on 28th day cycle.. i never cramp or have any pain…its extremely light like I could use one panty liner a day. 3rd day I'm done.. I'm 30 2kids both c sections I'm healthy normal weight. Idk what happened..

  5. Hello…can anyone tell me the scientific reason behind, why do I feel so mindful and relaxed on the 1st day of my period? I feel calm, relaxed and mindful only on that day of the month…rest all days, I won't be mindful…why is that so?

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