Why Do Men Need Facial? | Types Of Facial For Neat & Fair Skin

Men’s facial is now trending. We live in 21st-century and can’t easily differentiate between what is for men and what is for women. Both genders are rushing fast in every field of life to compete with each other. Not only women but men also do care about their looks. Men saloons in Pakistan are always crowded with men belonging to different ages. Men spent a lot of money to maintain their hairstyles, beard, and glowing face also. Here, in the segment secrets of beauty, an expert beautician of Shumaila’s London has guided about types of facial for neat and fair skin of men. Let’s find step by step procedure in the video.

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17 thoughts on “Why Do Men Need Facial? | Types Of Facial For Neat & Fair Skin”
  1. Jo log bhi is video par good work,nice comments krty hai wo bhi behghariat hoty hai.pakistan ek islami mulk hai ,ap log khud bataye k Ek hawrat kese ek mard k chest or face par hat fer rahi hai.is ka mukhalifat krni chaye.

  2. A female should not massage and do these kinds of things to the male members in our muslim society. Ap ko iska boycott krna chye. We never want our men to be touched by other females. Boycott these kind of things.

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