why do babies cry in their sleep

Almost all parents are wired to respond to their child’s cry, but each parent may handle it in a different way. It is also normal for moms to try breastfeeding if their baby is crying due to hunger. This is usually effective, but what about when the baby is crying out in the middle of the night and appears distressed? Solving your baby’s crying problem starts with identifying its causes. We will discuss why do babies cry in their sleep and more in the article below.

Sleeping babies often cry. Is that normal?

Parents may find it unsettling when their babies cry before bedtime or seem really sleepy, but they ought not to worry. This is because the sleep pattern of an infant differs from that of an adult.A baby spends most of the time in REM sleep, which is the sleep phase in which dreams occur. There may be twitching or fluttering of the eyelids during this time. It may also feel as if their breathing is irregular, they may whimper (even cry out!) from time to time, and seem as if they are about to wake up.

Why Do Babies Cry in their Sleep?

Besides learning how to communicate, babies learn to cry in order to express themselves. Some causes include those that make the baby physically uncomfortable; hence, he would not restrict his cries to whimpers. Below we present some of the possible causes.

1. A dirty diaper

The most common problem here is a dirty diaper. Dirty diapers are not comfortable, and crying is the only way for your baby to let you know that he needs a change.

2. Hunger

The tummy of a baby, which is so small, cannot hold very much at one time, so he will get hungry quite often and require frequent feedings. If you hear him whimpering, but he is not fully awake, he is probably hungry.

3. A temperature problem

During the night, your baby may get hot or cold and will need your assistance in adjusting himself. You will hear your little one crying out if the temperature changes. Keeping your baby too warm might make him uncomfortable if it’s not very cold.

4. Attention needed

Sometimes, your baby may just want to cuddle and feel safe with you. Baby needs to feel your touch in order to feel that you are around them frequently, since there are so many things that are new to them. Children cry in their sleep to attract your attention and get you close to them.

5. Fear, anxiety, or nightmares

Children are experiencing a great deal of new things in their early years. The same as adults, they also have dreams while sleeping. Due to nightmares, they often experience fear and anxiety. Nobody is sure what kind of nightmares infants have, but they are likely to have them.

Here are some tips for a good night’s sleep!

These tips will help your baby sleep tight during the night, in addition to the bedtime routine:

  1. First of all, monitor the temperature of the room! A temperature range of 18 °C to 22 °C is ideal.
  2. You should open the windows each day to let fresh air in the room.
  3. Your baby’s back should be supported by a suitable mattress that is firm.
  4. Watch your baby to make sure he doesn’t sweat too much. In young children, it is important to avoid blankets and duvets and the fabric of the mattress should be adapted. You might consider sleeping sacks or pajamas instead.
  5. Don’t give the baby too many toys that can wake him up at night.
  6. The most important thing is not to wake your baby up at their first cry. It may be that they are still sleeping when they are crying. You may still look at the room, but that’s it.
  7. Last but not least, if your baby is awake, it is a good idea to comfort them quickly while avoiding making them get out of bed at all costs. Waking up at night cannot be considered as a positive experience or enjoyable!


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