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Infertility is mainly a disease of the reproductive system and it can occur in both men and women. Infertility in males lowers the chances of getting pregnant with their female partner. It has been reported that one-third of the infertility cases are related to men. There are various reasons behind male infertility, among which problems with sperm delivery and quality sperm production are considered the most.

The sperm should be healthy, the quality of sperm should be good and the sperm count needs to be in an average range, then only a man can be designated as fertile. So, if any male is lacking in these aspects, he can be considered infertile. Along with infertility, a man can also suffer from impotency which is seen commonly in men. In this particular case the man, is unable to have a proper sex life which leads to performance anxiety and leads to mental trauma. There are many options available to get it treated. So, it is always better to talk to a urologist rather than being silent about it.
There are very less studies on male infertility and thus it is difficult to understand the experience of an infertile man. As always there was less talk and views about male infertility, men apparently get stigmatized and restrict themselves to discuss their feelings with others or disclose their diagnosis too. Though, it has been noted that men with infertility, in regard to their diagnosis, have reported to feel abnormal and feel a sense of shock, which affects their mental health.

The reason behind the stigma and impact on mental health

• A stigma is always created based on the perspective of society as well as social norms. Men who are facing infertility and are hesitant to talk about it, social attitude is considered an influential factor.

• According to a general perspective male infertility creates a big question on masculinity and which eventually impacts the mental health of the person.

• In some cases men are less likely to talk about it as it creates an impression that they are less capable and which is a shame for them in regards to the social norms and stereotypic thoughts.

• Sometimes, unsupportive family can also create disgrace and shameful condition for the infertile male and due to which they feel victimized and deals with mental trauma.

Handling the scenario

It is always very important to take care of such a sensitive topic while it can harm someone’s mental health. The basic steps which can be taken to control the scenario are as follows

• To break the stereotype, by promoting awareness about infertility.

• The man needs to accept the fact that both men and women can be infertile and it is totally normal.

• Infertility is not only a women’s problem it can happen with men too and so the men should talk about it and should go through proper consultation.

• The infertile man should consult a urologist to understand the condition and also if needed should go through counseling as well.

Source: Times Of India

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