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Or not…



If I Should Die Suddenly


You should know
that I was far from done;
that I got drunk

on sound and Absolut;

that I believed Freud’s note:
we predetermine our
own death;

that I thought
most of us intuit 
the moral law of the universe:


that I was called
smart, however, simple
to naive. 

Are you listening my dear
blossoming surveillance
police state?

I wonder.

After latkes and Borscht
at his favorite little Polish place
on the Lower East Side,

an old Allen Ginsberg, still defiant
not long before dying, said,

They have nothing on me
I didn’t give em!
Forefinger in the air!

Wish you get big enough
the FBI keeps a file on you…
never mind take you out.




Until next time,
keep writing.

Andrés Castro

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