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Who do you think you are to be a Crystal Healer?

Does any of this sound familiar?

When it comes to working with crystal energy… does your inner voice sound a little somethin’ like this?

  • “What will my family, friends, co-workers think of me?” 
  • “What if I’m just not that “gifted” with crystals or I’m not as effective as I *think* I am?” 
  • “Who do I think I am to be crystal “healer” or crystal energy worker — or have ANYTHING to do with crystals in a metaphysical way?”
  • Or maybe you feel like you’re not “legit” or not good enough YET — or maybe it’s just all in your imagination.
  • .. that others may find out that you’re just a big fat fraud and you’ll just end up making a fool of yourself!

I KNOW this is harsh stuff… but I’m just sharing what went through my mind in the beginning —

and I’ve since learned that this is very common self-sabotage chatter that we have a tendency to torture ourselves with.

I know (from experience) there may be an annoying voice in your head that tells you you’re not good enough… or some ballsy person has actually questioned you with some of this stuff!

First of all: YOU ARE NOT ALONE! As I said, stuff like this used to run through my mind and just about everyone else’s on this crystal healer path too.

We’re ALL vulnerable to overthinking it and self-doubt — especially if those around us make comments that do a really good job at eating away at our confidence.

It’s a known oh-so-common thing called the “imposter syndrome”. (There’s actually a study that found that 70% of the US population lives with this “I’m a fraud stuff” hacking at their dreams!)

crystal healer

Are you Waiting Until You’re 100% Perfect?

I’ve been educating about crystal energy since 2009 and certifying others as Crystal Practitioners since 2011 + over the years I’ve heard it all from our students and alumni:

“Yep, I graduated. I’ve got more than a few a certifications under my belt in a few different modalities. But my chakras aren’t all perfectly balanced yet. I still have issues to heal. Who am I to heal others?“

Are you waiting until you’re perfectly balanced and 100% “healed” before you feel you can start assisting others?

If you get one thing from this blog post; Please do not wait until you feel that you are perfectly ready

  • all your chakras are balanced
  • you are perfectly healed
  • you do everything wonderfully well
  • you don’t make ANY mistakes ever
  • you remember ALL the crystal correspondences for ALL the crystals (HA!)
  • you’re in the heart center 100% of the time
  • blah, blah, blah…

I can guarantee you this: It’s unattainable.

To be blunt: Get over it and get over yourself.

It’s only human to question yourself, but do it too much — and it really starts to eat away at your confidence.

Because, hey, guess what?

None of us are perfect and probably NEVER will be. I feel that’s why we’re here on Mama Earth having experiences, growing, evolving, and learning lessons. And being in balance is something that’s never complete. It’s something we all need to continually work on. That’s what Mama Earth School is for.

So, if we’re all planning on sitting around and waiting for all of us to become perfectly balanced, awakened, enlightened, or WHATEVER before we ever begin the very-much needed job of assisting and supporting others on their journey… well then — Shit…

we’re all in trouble. Right?

And let me tell you a little somethin’: All those gurus, healers, teachers out there pretending to be so above the rest of us, so evolved and never admitting to any vulnerabilities or faults… all smoke and mirrors, Babe. That’s all it is.

Are you the All-Mighty Crystal Healer?

Now, this is the ONE thing that is the BIGGEST obstacle that gets in the way because if you think that’s the way it works; that the crystal healer or energy worker is actually doing the healing… then yes, those are some HUGE shoes to fill and I would run the other way too.

You must understand that YOU will not be doing the actual healing or shifting of energy. Ego gets in the way and sabotages us here. Yes, I know this from my own experience!

Instead, what’s going on is that you are acting as a conduit for Source Energy to flow through and assist the client or heal-ee in healing themselves (whether in person or over a distance virtual session).

I mean this in the nicest way possible, but …you really need to get ova yourself.

One of the most important tenants of what I teach in my course is that YOU ARE NOT THE HEALER. You’re simply assisting and facilitating. How does letting go of that responsibility feel?

The crystal energy-work is also a two-way street…  we’re giving and we’re receiving, and we need that healing, that flow, that rebalancing just as much as everybody else does. ♥ I know I sure do!

So, please:

  • get out there
  • share your gifts
  • and help support others on their path — help them heal… or more accurately assist them in healing themselves. 🙂

crystal healer

Also, keep in mind, if you’re drawn to being a crystal practitioner of any sort, you also need to know that this is most likely something you volunteered to do; a sacred contract you agreed to fulfill in this lifetime… before you were even born! ♥

Your “pull” towards doing this sort of work is most likely your gentle reminder of your life’s purpose to better our planet + facilitate healing in others.

Feel into that. How does that feel in your heart?

Do you feel like you’ve just been reminded of or remembered something? Does it feel familiar or is it even triggering an “a-ha!” moment for you? If it is, pay close attention to that.

Are you ready to serve your life purpose, “keep your eyes on your own paper” and find out what you’re truly capable of?  Affirm your intentions and please share with me in the comments below!  The world needs your unique gifts and light.  ❤

Crystal Blessings!

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P.S. As you’re probably aware…  I’m the founder of the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy where I LOVE to empower our Certified Crystal Practitioner students with crystal-knowledge and a solid skillset, backed by science so they can effectively + confidentially share what they know with others.

If you’re interested in what we’re doing, I’m inviting you to check out my course. Or if you feel you may be ready for the next step, DM me with the word “CCP” on Instagram to see if it’s a good fit for you. (Pssst: we’ll be opening up registration very soon and this term is a very special one indeed!)


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