Hi readers,
Do you know that you can start a home based business using this icing sugar?

Do you know that you can make very good profit in this business???

Yes, you can start a home based business that too with a very very low investment…

Ok first of all where to sell this Icing sugar?
These icing sugar are used in making Cake creams, Milkshakes and Ice creams. Therefore, you can realise that where could you sell this icing sugar. Yes, you can sell it in bakeries, ice cream shops, and even in an online stores like amazon, flipkart, alibaba, ebay and etc.

Icing Sugar Business

How much investment do you need to start this Icing Sugar Business?

Firstly, you will require a sugar grinding machine… the basic price starts from 15000 Rs to 1.5 lakh Rs. The price difference is based on the brand and the production capacity of the machine.

Here, I will tell you the details of basic machine with 50kg production per hour.

It will cost around 20000 Rs approximately

Check this link for the cost…


After that you need a small area like 100sqft will be enough.

Then you need sugar stocks which may approximately cost you around 15000 Rs for 50 kg sugar.

You will be mixing Cornflour 2kg per 50kg of sugar – 400 Rs.

In total you require only 40,000 Rs to start this business including all the packaging cost.

Profit of this Icing Sugar Business

Icing Sugar Profit

You can buy 1.25kg sugar and produce 1kg of icing sugar

And the price of 1kg icing sugar is 270Rs approximately.

Therefore, you spend only 40 to 45 Rs including the packing remaining 220 Rs are profit for 1 packet sales.

Can’t you put your effort and sell atleast 10 to 20 packets per day…?

Then you can make 2000 Rs to 3000 Rs per day as a profit.

Again this profit is excluded your current bill and labour charges. Whereas, you really don’t require any labour for this business if you are willing to do it by yourself…

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