When is the right time to have a conversation with your kids about privilege and racism? — Meditation, EFT/Tapping, Anti-Racism, CME | Jill Wener, MD | CME Wellness Retreats for Doctors

If kids aren’t talking about race, does it mean they aren’t noticing? When is the right time to have a conversation with your kids about privilege and racism? How can white parents teach their kids about race and center voices of color?

In this series on healthcare and social disparities, Dr. Jill Wener, a board-certified Internal Medicine specialist, meditation expert, and tapping practitioner, interviews experts and gives her own insights into multiple fields relating to social justice and anti-racism. In this episode, Jill spoke with Ellie Axe, the director of Story Starters, an organization that teaches families how to talk to kids about racism and works with early educators to help them teach about racism. They discussed Ellie’s own journey finding her voice in social activism, the pitfalls of doing anti-racism work as a white woman, and the importance of centering voices of color when learning about racism and developing anti-racism curricula. Ellie shares some insightful advice for parents wanting to address racism with their kids and the importance of learning together with your kids.

Bio: Ellie joined Story Starters as a co-director in the summer of 2018 and became Director in March 2020. She has over 15 years of experience building system-wide change through organizing in faith-based and secular institutions. After a number of years as an organizer, Ellie pursued an MBA at the Simmons School of Management. Most recently, Ellie was the Director of Operations at JOIN for Justice where she guided the strategic planning process, supporting the organization to pursue its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Ellie lives in Newton, MA, with her husband and their two daughters.


Story Starters: www.story-starters.org

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