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When Do Babies Usually Start Teething · Dr Dad

Your baby can be a quick learner and can learn to walk and talk really early whereas there can be other babies who take longer than usual to get there. Being too early to too late shouldn’t be a cause of concern for the parents when it is something related to3 babies. Teething is one such milestone that doesn’t come at a fixed time. If you have questions about your child’s teething then you may stop your search here because we have with us all the necessary answers.

  • There is no fixed time frame as to when your baby will start teething. It may be as early as 4 or 7 months, or it may take well over nine months for their teething to begin.
  • On average, most babies start teething at around six months of age. By the time they are 3-years-old, they will have all their teeth belonging to the ‘milk teeth’ category.
  • It happens very rarely, almost one case in 6000 to 8000 deliveries when a baby is born with one or two teeth. It may cause a lot of worry in the parents, but mostly it isn’t very harmful to the baby.
  • Your infant may be an early teether and may start teething much before the 6-month mark and there isn’t anything to be concerned about. It is just another developmental stage for your baby and is completely normal.
  • Drooling, chewing on objects, sore and painful gums, crankiness, and sometimes a temperature of about 38 degrees can be indicative of your little one starting to teeth.

If you realize that your baby is starting the teething process, then make sure to gently massaging their painful gums with a soft washcloth. Keep sharp items away from your baby during this time to avoid the danger of swallowing.

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