What's The Ideal Temperature For Your Refrigerator?

In this episode, Jonathan Strickland explains how bacteria spoils food and what temperature your refrigerator should be to slow their progress.

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32 thoughts on “What's The Ideal Temperature For Your Refrigerator?

  1. I see a lot written about trying to keep the freezer and refrigerator doors shut, as much as possible. That there’s a lot of cold/warm air exchange when you open the doors.

    But, I think it’s actually more than there simply being an exchange going on actually. I think that one has to consider that, when they open the doors to their refrigerator, cold air isn’t simply, slowly floating out. To an extent, I think it’s actually being sucked out by the door being swung open. At minimum, it’s a good thing to envision for encouragement in keeping the doors shut, as much as possible.

    Another remaining encouragement, is to just buy inexpensive freezer and refrigerator thermometers, with the refrigerator thermometer likely being the most important because a freezer should usually be around 0 degrees so, briefly opening it might not make too much difference since, it would take some time to get from 0 to 32. But, the temperature window between 35 and 40 for the fresh food compartment is not only easier to get past, but the refrigerator, at least in a top freezer unit where the fresh food compartment is at least twice as large as the freezer, is going to take awhile to get back to proper temperature, after you’ve replenished or retrieved something. But, if you have a thermometer in the fresh food compartment, it will provide you a consistent reminder and respect as to how quickly the temperature rises, while you stand there with the door open, vacillating over whether or not you want juice or soda.

  2. Thanks! When God delivered me of my ex, and when he moved out he put my fridge on 9. Until that day, I never saw frozen eggs before. 😳 So, I have it now on 6. I feel like I shouldn’t go any lower than that.

  3. Maggotts in our fridge, this was the worse thing, we asked if they would pay rent, but. No. No they were not buying
    Not on that idea any how.so me and the girlfriend, spente a long time evicting the little creeps.

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