What’s the Deal With Animal Sacrifice in the Bible?

God is on a mission to remove evil from His good world, along with all of its corrosive effects. However, He wants to do it in a way that does not involve removing humans. In this video on sacrifice and atonement, we trace the theme of God’s “covering” over human evil through animal sacrifices that ultimately point to Jesus and his death and resurrection.

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25 thoughts on “What’s the Deal With Animal Sacrifice in the Bible?”
  1. I’m falling in love with bible & Jesus but I can see no one is following the teachings I have not seen any Christine who is loving instead I see most 99% of them are rude & filled with hate… can someone clear my doubt

  2. Jesus did not die on a cross his name is not even Jesus it’s all lies his name is Yahshua and he was hanged on a tree acts 5:30

  3. I like your videos. Most are “just the facts” and I appreciate that a lot. In this one you say Jesus instituted 2 new rituals. I think that may be reading modern church culture into the texts. Baptism was a thing before Jesus, it was a part of the ritual cleansing in Torah and John clearly did this before Jesus. Also the meal Jesus had with His disciples was a Passover meal and it follows the Passover traditions that had been going on since Egypt. I admit that Jesus brought the full meaning of those instructions from Torah to light and that they should be kept in the newness that He revealed but they are not “new” in the sense that they replace or change God’s Instructions.
    Thanks for all the work you do in sharing the truth. Blessings.

  4. In Islam ,the punishment of one persons sins will not be given to another person's,, just as the sins of parents are not punished by children.

    . Muslim remember the incident of prophet Ibrahim by sacrificing animal
    .in Islam animal sacrifice doesn't not absolve human sins.

  5. Thanks for an amazing explainer. Love how you pulled the concept through from OT to NT and even baptism. I could feel the anointing on this as you explained and my spirit was fed. Thanks so much for your work. May God bless it multiply its reach!

  6. So it is really more on symbolism than necessity.
    Sacrifice means there is no other way, that is why you voluntered to do it.
    God the Father can save us all if He chooses to, because He is God. He can do that.
    But God chose the other way, He chose the symbol.

  7. 1:18 In early times for the sins of humans God removed humanity by the Great Flood.

    It seems that bible was written by different victors at different times.

  8. wow it missed it, sacrifices arent the animal dying for you, its sharing in the life thats why leviticus says the life is in the blood and the sacrifice is most holy

  9. 3:30 This was the promise Jesus was fulfilling, Jesus didn’t just “believe” he was fulfilling this promise.

    Minor correction but it changes the implications of the sentence

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