What is Water: A Child’s Perspective

Frederique Fyhr
|May 7, 2021

Indrani Pal is a water scientist and current co-instructor of the Water Sustainability and Climate course for the M.S. in Sustainability Management Program at Columbia University. Beyond education, Pal has a deep interest in solving water-connected problems and developing stories from these complex issues. Recently, she co-produced a short film about water. The film involves elementary school kids from Pal’s own community who are also members of her little kids’ book club, which she founded last year at the onset of the global pandemic. Pal wanted to do something different alongside her day-to-day life and professional career, and telling a story through video was an exciting feat for her.

The film became a reality when Pal received a grant from the National Science Foundation’s Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc., and she met Sarah Waldron, a very promising young filmmaker. Together, the two combined their respective knowledge and skill to develop this short film, “What is Water: A Child’s Perspective.”

Celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2020, the M.S. in Sustainability Management, co-sponsored by the Earth Institute and Columbia’s School of Professional Studies, trains students to tackle complex and pressing environmental and managerial challenges. Visit the program website to learn more.


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