what I eat in a week – to save money! ( vegan + healthy + EASY )

Welcome to another what I eat in a week video!! Your girl wanted to save some money this week so I decided to rough it and only …


41 thoughts on “what I eat in a week – to save money! ( vegan + healthy + EASY )

  1. Peanut milk – NOTED! Never even thought about that as an option, wow. By the way, I am so happy I stumbled upon your YouTube a couple weeks ago. Between this and your Instagram you truly make my days brighter! Your energy is contagious. I LOVE YOU AND I HOPE YOUR JOURNEY JUST GETS BETTER AND BETTER 💞

  2. i don’t know if you get this a lot but you remind me so much of lexie grey from greys anatomy!! I love your videos, I never know what to make and these vids give me so many ideas!

  3. Ive been binge watching ur videos these past few days, youre such an inspiration 😩🤚🏻💕 btw i love your editing

  4. I hope you get a lot of subscribers to your channel, because it's just amazing. You are so wonderful and sweet, and your videos are really good… I just can't stop watching

  5. Idk if you will read this now but having foods with right combination hels elevate their absorption e.g. turmeric with sonething fatty so just turmeric with milk before bed is the best option for your foot. Also you are very pretty, your personality is prettier.

  6. I'm moving out for the first time and have never had to actually buy full groceries for myself for a week especially on a college budget. I love how health your recipes are but you should make a video to see if you can make those recipes budget friendly or list what your typical grocery shop is and what to make with it???

  7. I started this vegan journey about 4 months ago and your channel is giving me so many good ideas. I recently subscribed to your channel and I try to watch a video every day.
    Love the videos. Good job. Good content.👌👍❤

  8. I have been changing my diet and losing weight and you have been an inspiration, You deserve more hype… I love your videos and I hope you have a great day!

  9. I just discovered your channel like a week ago and have literally been binging your videos. I’m a relatively new vegan and your videos inspire me to cook and stay creative. They just generally put me in a great mood 😊

  10. You are a gem Julia. I have been struggling with eczema and the food I would be eating then I found your vlogs. I am the luckiest and your the angel in disguise. Heyhey hehe

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