What Happens When You Rub 1 Tube Of Pain Relief Cream Between Your Legs

Chubbyemu video of this case: https://youtu.be/Le-IKCLGT9A A Toddler Drank His Mom’s Essential Oils: …


39 thoughts on “What Happens When You Rub 1 Tube Of Pain Relief Cream Between Your Legs

  1. I was trying to warm up my muscles using topical capsaicin on my calves and hips so I could stretch easier.

    Putting it on your hips isn't a great idea because it'll get on your balls. That… Was horrible. I tried taking a shower to help, which did the opposite.

  2. I will need to watch this many more times in order to really understand it. Without the background knowledge and in my 3rd language it's something I need to work through if I want to really get it. That's the beautiful part of youtube, I can go back to a part of the video 100 times if I need to. I've allways wanted to really understand what happens inside the body. In 5th grade we were learning about the digestive system inside the body. The teacher said that x nutrient gets absorbed in y place. And the annoying little 10 y/o that I was I wanted to know exactly how that works. Poor teacher, she wasn't educated to explain that, much less explain that in a way children would understand it.

  3. This is something I've wanted to see a deep dive on for a while. The factoid that the scrotum can absorb stuff dozens of times better than skin is new to me, and it was nice to learn more about why that is.

  4. I don’t really understand why you would follow the described method of applying said stimulants to one’s genitals, however my Grandad was also born in 1906 which reminded me how much I miss him along with all my grand parents and now as of March this year my Mum.

    I wish people would care about each other no matter what their origin, belief’s or differences.

    Piece and best wishes

  5. What about something like Vicks Vaporub? Is that safe? Would it be weird to advise dumdum adolescents to use that as a safer alternative? 🤔 I guess it's better an awkward talk than "unaliving". 🤷

  6. Strange, high school Chemistry and biology plus a personal interest in physiology was enough for me to understand these easily. We dug pretty deep into cellular metabolism and energy production in high school like 15 years ago, so this made complete sense.

    I suppose having a personal interest in physiology helps more than one would think. I might have to consider a health science career, as this seemed elementary to me.

    I do have lupus and Ra so I'm probably more versed in how medicine method of action and elimination works as I am regularly on anti inflammatories (colchicine, aspirin and Nurofen), immunosuppressives (dexamethasone, methotrexate or hydroxychloroquine).

    Reading all these comments about med students and graduates struggling to or finally understanding has opened my mind up to further study for the first time.

  7. Turns out, Rasputin probably managed to 'heal' little Alexei's hemophilia spells by virtue of simply forbidding the use of medicines from doctors–they had been hiving the boy aspirin to help with pain, which of course only made the hemophilia worse. Rasputin probably also managed to calm the czarina's nerves which probably helped reduce Alexei's own stress.

  8. Im supposed to be studying pharmacology right now. With this I can trick my brain into thinking I'm actually studying. Thank you

  9. After a day of endless walking the STRIP of LV, I decided to be brilliant and take a bath then rub my feet with Bengay put on socks,crank the A/C and go to bed.
    Worked GREAT….. UNTIL, the next day.
    Of course the menthol or whatever it is absorbed into the skin of my feet and I changed socks and put on my walking shoes again for 2nd day of adventures. O M G. within an hour after it got warmer outside the soles of my shoes got warmer and the menthol or whatever it is got warmer and warmer and then HOT and the UNTOLERABLE warmth. It didn't burn me it was just the sensation of burning…. I ended buying a cheap pair of flip flops and climbed up onto the counter tops and had my feet in a couple of the casino bathroom sinks washing my feet repeatedly along our journey….
    and trashing my $100+ Nike tennis shoes. At one point I made my way into a few of the THEN accessible water fountains outside at Caesars Palace and soaked my feet there too.
    LIVE AND LEARN and never used Bengay ever again. E V E R.

  10. I've always said it, if "big pharma" knew X actually did cure, treat, or improve Y, they would have put it in a pill and sold it to you by now.

  11. I commented this on the past video, big I appreciate you saying "no matter which parts you have" and not talking about sex there. Most medical professionals dont seem to wanna accept new research half the time and trans people are just yet another example.

  12. This is like real life Dr House episode with free lecture on metabolism. Nice.

    Also, my slav soul wonders if you get drunk by dipping your balls in vodka or by using compress, with such impressive absorption. I am past the age to try, and don't aspire to a darwin award, cause if it works so well for ethanol, you could probably denaturate testies.

  13. Aren't uncouplers being investigated for treatment of metabolic diseases like T2DM or fatty liver disease? Obviously in a way that does not induce systemic toxicity that is.

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