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What Did People Use for Birth Control Before Condoms and the Pill?

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Pregnancy prevention around the world has a lengthy history that includes many effective yet sometimes lethal methods of early contraception. Early contraceptive options offered an array of colorful, creative (and in some cases, incredibly smelly) choices that included innovative options in barrier devices, spermicides, and oral contraceptives.

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29 thoughts on “What Did People Use for Birth Control Before Condoms and the Pill?

  1. “Pull and pray” reminds me of “spray and pray”. But that’s apparently with sub machine guns, which isn’t really as romantic. One must not confuse the two.

  2. The reality is that a woman has to have a certain minimum of body fat to ovulate. It was thought that American Indian women has some sort of secret birth control lost to history. Wrong. They did not eat cultivated grains, historically. Accordingly, they had low body fat and could not give birth to babies for a a number of years at a stretch.

  3. Charlie Sheen actually reportedly used a condom like in the modern era that was made out of sheep skin. That's probably one of the oldest forms of contraception, and actually (according to Charlie Sheen) it's better than using actual condoms.

  4. I’ve liked all the products/apps Simon has supported until now. That is the dumbest and most sketchy app I’ve ever heard of. Why would you destroy doctor patient confidentiality using an app that doesn’t have any encryption. The worst part is the app is utterly useless. Anyone can jot down a note after a doctors visit or use some medical planner to keep track of their medical history. At best it’s a tape recorder and at worst it’s a company stealing your vital information

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