What Are the Dangers of Sea Moss? A Doctor Explains

Sea moss is all the rage but is it 100% healthy? In this video I discuss the potential dangers of sea moss- and this is something you want to know about because there are potential risks!

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37 thoughts on “What Are the Dangers of Sea Moss? A Doctor Explains”
  1. She wants you to buy her rx to keep you sick. Remember, healthy ppl are the biggest threat to the pharmaceutical companies. Seamoss is life

  2. Seaweed has iodine, Sea moss has 92 of the 106 minerals that your body needs….Doc. you're looking for clients now, aren't you… Be honest Doc.😑 Here in the Caribbean, we've used this product for centuries without any issues & after many of you said hardly anything about the poisonous jab, it makes me think 3 times before I listen to forked tongue leeches.

  3. guess what everything you have stated are side effects of the pills you push to your patients daily. After years and years of chemical medications and the toll they take on the body, I will take a chance on sea moss as I took a chance on those medications you and other doctors push.

  4. I agree heavy metals a dangerous and must be considered , but can you explain why or if you are okay with intentionally putting heavy metals into clients with vaccines.

  5. They always say, "talk to your doctor" who in most cases are clueless of the effects of food and herbs on the body. Most of them only know the effects of medication on the body. Of course, get what appears to be a black doctor to raise the red flag on sea moss. Nevermind that medication and different treatment within allopathic medication continues to kill people in record numbers. But hey…you pay for your big education to make the big money to be a part of the great pharmaceutical industry. If you wanna help your people you would do your research outside of the system you are a part of which is all about treating sickness and making money as opposed to preventing and healing the body. Prevention is not coming back and taking test every few years, it's learning what causes the diseases in the beginning. BUT hey…we're all here to serve. Some the light, and some unfortunately the darkness. Be well.

  6. ugh, most of these drs only care about pushing prescriptions, making money for the pharmaceutical companies . She just named half the poisons in our so-called food.. Let's all be honest, she real. Nothing is safe now adays, We've been led to about a lot of things. Our food is toxic , the water we drink, the air we breathe. The medication s that they prescribe that come with more side effects that cause you to take more medicine for the side effects, leading to more side effects while causing silent damage to other organs. At the end of it all, natural remedies were what the human body was meant to use, but big pharm came along and decided they could profit by making us sick and prescribing temp fixes (ie) medication keeping the cycle of dependence on the medication instead of using the food as it was intended which is probably why our food is toxic and filled with chemicals upon chemicals. Sorry, but the synthetic medication people are being convinced to take is doing way more harm than natural GOD given foods.

  7. I'm from the Caribbean Trinidad and Tobago precisely,where most of us grew up traditionally using seamoss in a variety of drinks. However thank you doctor for your videos they were very informative and sobering. Especially when you think about how much our environment has negative changed over the years, 20,30,even 50 years ago the ocean where seamoss grows may not have been as contaminated as today,so one has to be very wise in taking all aspects you spoke of into consideration before using anything. Thanks again doctor 😇

  8. I don't know why people react negatively to this video. it's only informative. if you want to look beyond the message and continue taking it freely, go right ahead. she's not telling anyone to stop. Thanks for sharing, doc.

  9. Sea miss is not for everyone but one thing to keep in mind is sea moss becomes harmful to you your either taking the wrong dose or it’s fake sea moss

  10. I would like to know how many patients this doctor has prescribed opioids or benzodiazepines or SSRI's to… please make a video on the dangerous of that and leave us seamoss consumers alone.

  11. Is there space in medicine to look at things like this and study them as well? There are helpful medications and helpful holistic, herbal, and homeopathic remedies, and I feel that looking at all options helps the patient best.

    This may just be a pipe dream with the pharmaceutical companies' hands in everthing, but I wish it could happen.

  12. I look at her Youtube channel and she has nothing on the benefit of sea moss, wow!
    My question: as a black doctor maybe with Caribbean roots, why she makes time to conteract a good thing that has been used by the West indies population for years? Maybe it's getting commercial attention now and the pharmaceutical companies are not benefiting from the sale of the product and the public health benefits are too favorable.

  13. OK so…lots of foods have iodine, and we don't regulate it as a normal part of life but one would think your body would..so how can you really get too much iodine or not enough? we excrete the excess in our urine .(a test can detect deficiency) and if it was that critical people would be tipping over from this all the time right?
    Also does sea moss actually contain all these heavy metals as a normal thing and if we are buying this in packs would it not be better regulated by the FDA??

  14. I do a lot of research and reading reviews before taking herbs and other nutritionally things I don't normally consume. I have to admit I almost laughed when you said check with your doctor. If your doctor isn't a Holistic physician, don't bother asking. I've learned this from experience.

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