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What are my chances of getting pregnant if I have an implantable form of contraception?

Overall, the chances of getting pregnant while having an implantable form of contraception in place is very, very, very slim. Studies have actually shown that it’s more effective than a vasectomy or a tubal. In the most recent study, 942 women signed up, they had implantable contraception in place, and none of them conceived while it was inside their body. 2 conceived within 2 weeks after having it removed. And so, basically, this means that there’s lots of pros to it. It’s very effective at preventing pregnancy, but your body returns to a fertile state quickly, which is an advantage for lots of women who want to get pregnant quickly after stopping contraception.

With all of this said, you have the nexplanon and you’ve been having some symptoms that are unusual for you. You’re wondering if you might be pregnant. And because the chance is so so small, it’s unlikely. But there’s always a chance, and so it’s easy to rule out or confirm pregnancy as the cause by taking a home pregnancy test. I suggest taking one now, and if it’s positive, congratulations! If it’s negative, continue to watch your symptoms, and if they persist or get worse, call your doctor and let them know about it. They’ll be able to determine if they’re side effects related to the implant or if they’re due to something else that needs to be investigated. Good luck with everything, and if you have more questions for me in the future, feel free to ask them on our Facebook page at, and recommend us to your friends and family too.


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  1. hello…your videos are very helpful n i really wanna thank you for sharing with us.ok…hmm…i wanna ask that why every month before periods I get all the signs n symptoms of pregnancy but after spotting i get periods n no pregnancy?

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