What a Moderately Healthy Vegan Eats In A Week 95

I’m not a dietitian. This is what a basic foodie girl eats in a week trying to be mindful of spending money cause rent is expensive.


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43 thoughts on “What a Moderately Healthy Vegan Eats In A Week 95”
  1. the prayer room is such a good idea, make it all cute and cozy again ! it could be a good mental health / safe space little room to calm down and re center. I love the idea, should be in every work place

  2. I’ve never been to New York but over the years watching your videos I know when I do I’m gonna get fat cuz I’m hitting everywhere to eat. Y’all have so much variety for vegan stuff, it looks incredible. I love how you can find so many different cultures with vegan options plus the baked goods. I literally drool at every video 😆

  3. Oh I forgot to try protein powder in my morning oats!!!! I wrote myself a note for tomorrow. I want shredded zucchini n tomatoes in my morning quiches. ? add small diced Tofurky ham in them… Make it in a deli size log to slice n mic. Indian and Italian spice options. Trademark that quick;)

  4. Still missing tofurky in Australia!! A few companies have tried to make deli slices but none have hit the same. I have a smoked ham style one right now waiting in my fridge and hoping it's good 😤

  5. girl i think what went wrong w that one meal was the sweet earth chicken!! i bought it once and it was FOWL. i thought it had gone bad but i think it just tastes straight up nasty, idk how they sell it 😭

  6. Great video! What is the restaurant you mentioned at 11:50? Replayed the video a few times but all I could hear was Givatos. The torta and donuts look delicious 🤤

  7. "It could be the weather, but also…..life sucks" Homie, I feel you lmao! I live on long island and between the drab weather, hormones, anxiety, and life, I am ALWAYS just feeling bleh. I hope you feel better soon!

  8. Rebecca, you hang out with the cutest guys! Who are Edgar and Gio? Do they have vlogs?! 👍🏻😊🧡 BTW, that bagel with chive cream cheese looked pretty awesome too! Woohoo!! 😋

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