We’re pregnant! Our pregnancy announcement to our family was at my dad’s 70th birthday party (and on Grandparents’ Day, no less!).

One of the first things Adam and I talked about on our first date was how much our families mean to us and how important it was to each of us that we wanted to start a family of our own.

After we got married, we knew we wanted to wait a little bit before trying to have kids, but not too long. Adam was 37 and I was 31 when we got married and if you get pregnant at 35, it’s considered a “geriatric” pregnancy, so we started talking pretty seriously about when we wanted to start trying on our first wedding anniversary (June 2019).

On August 16th, 2019, we went out for Chinese food and had egg drop soup because Adam was convinced that would help the process along (I love that man!). 😂

The Day We Found Out We Were Pregnant

And, on the morning of September 1st, I took my first pregnancy test.

Oh, I was so nervous! I’d fitfully slept the night before, having really strange dreams about taking a bunch of pregnancy tests but not being able to see the results. I woke up early and snuck to the bathroom with the test.

I truly wasn’t expecting to be pregnant so soon, so when I took the test, I was a ball full of nerves, but I was ready to accept whatever result the test gave. And I’d splurged on the tests that actually say the words “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant” so that there wouldn’t be any confusion with blurry colored lines.

And, lo and behold, the test confirmed that we were pregnant!

I immediately got all teary eyed and shaky and couldn’t wait another minute to tell Adam.

I’d ordered these adorable “Big Brother” bandanas for Boots to wear to tell Adam. I’d thought of a bunch of cute ways I could plan to tell him (like the whole baby-themed dinner idea from Full House), but I honestly just couldn’t keep the news in long enough to pull any of them off!

So, I quickly grabbed the red-checkered bandana and shakily tied it around Boots’ neck and went straight in to wake Adam up.

I gently shook Adam to wake him up and I just sat there on the bed with Boots sitting next to me wearing his red bandanna. It took Adam a second to wake up and read it, but when he did, he just looked at me and said, “Are you?”

I couldn’t get any words out at that point, so I just nodded as my eyes filled up with tears (again). He reached out and hugged me and just kept asking, “Really?!”

Shock. Awe. And it was all kinds of wonderful.

We saw my family later that day for our weekly family dinner and it killed me to keep a secret from them, but I knew I wanted to plan a special way to announce our pregnancy to them!

Announcing Our Pregnancy To Family

Fortunately, just a week later, at our family dinner, we were going to be celebrating my dad’s 70th birthday AND Adam’s parents were going to be in town AND it just happened to be Grandparents Day!

We couldn’t have planned it any better if we’d tried!

So, I put the pregnancy test in a gift box and we waited with great anticipation until my dad got to our gift.

And Adam caught the moment on video!

My dad’s response of, “I’m pregnant!” still cracks me up! 😂

It doesn’t feel entirely real to us, but it’s slowly sinking in. We are going to have a baby. We are going to be parents. And it’s a lifelong dream come true for both of us.

Our due date is May 9th, 2020.

We are thrilled, our families are thrilled, and we are so excited for all of the days to come!

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