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WeedMaps announced to Stop Advertising Unlicensed Pot Business across Canada.

Ghost Management Group LLC, the owners of Weedmaps, announced last year back in Aug of 2019, that they will be pulling unlicensed California-based marijuana businesses from advertising on it’s site by New Year’s Day 2020.

Fastforword one year and Weedmaps is set to do the same in Canada after several prominent Canadian cannabis retailer’s and law enforcement are now pressuring Weedmaps to ban unlicensed business across Canada.

Weedmaps announced that they will be shutting down all unlicensed Cannabis dispensaries and delivery services across Canada starting this September of 2020.

Weedmaps features thousands of unlicensed Cannabis provider’s across Canada on it’s website, as well as some of Canada’s legal pot shops. There is no doubt Weedmaps has become the go-to place in Canada to find virtually any type of Cannabis product, right in your own neighborhood or close by.

It has been said that “later this year” it would begin requiring Canadian advertisers to provide a license number to get listed on Weedmaps and that it would restrict the use of its point-of-sale system, online orders, delivery logistics and other services to licensed businesses exclusively.

This announcement is a step forward for the legal Canadian Cannabis industry, which will aid consumers in identifying licensed cannabis business when looking to purchase safe Cannabis via Weedmaps.

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