We Tried Arnold's Chest Routine *Juji's Weakpoint*

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By admin

50 thoughts on “We Tried Arnold’s Chest Routine *Juji’s Weakpoint*”
  1. 11:21 A legendary page from Arnolds Encyclopedia. Can you imagine training your whole body 3 X week!
    What bodybuilding champion was the first to move to a regular 1 x week split? Lee Haney?

  2. Arnold cut off all his long training pants to expose his weak calves and get his balls busted then started training them 1 hour a day, 6 days a week for 2 years to bring them up to their amazing size/shape.

  3. I like the John 3:16 on your shirt juji . ya gotta give the good man upstairs props for letting you get them good gains too haha.

  4. Arnold is well known in Hollywood for using steroids but being cleaver about it. it's like the most well known secret on the west coast.

  5. tbh i think jujis legs are fine like i respect guys with big legs but tbh i think it looks gross and unnatural like the body should be a streamline v

  6. Juji, I just want to throw out there that you are a super likable dude. In all your videos, you come across as someone I'd love to hang out with. You and Devon Larratt. I'd love to kick it with you guys

  7. I've done this workout, it took me 2 and a half hours if I remember right.. It was no joke.

    Edit: 6:10 I also noticed you guys jamming to 'The Natty Anthem', legends!

  8. Where is all the energy? This dude used to bounce off the walls and do crazy weight. Now he is sleepy and slow 😂 cmon JUJI! Kick it up a notch. Your physique is beast bro! You have a little work to compete on stage but not a lot. Impressive watching your journey.

  9. All my friends are fat and lazy. When I watch Juji I feel like I'm having a good time with a friend that loves exercise just like me. kinda sad, isn't it?

  10. YOU are a very funny guy. Love it. Both of them have good physiques really ,considering their paet time status. The gentleman with the glasses has good genetic and, his symmetry is looks good.

  11. Arnold/Franco's methodology with chest was "we didn't even start counting reps until the exercise started to hurt". Volume, it's all volume.

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