We must make a change as men to better our communities

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan speaks to men in Harlem asking them to discipline and change themselves in order to make a change in a communities. #blackpeople #blackmen #blackman #blackcommunity #farrakhan #ministerfarrakhan #nationofislam #blackamerica #discipline


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5 thoughts on “We must make a change as men to better our communities”
  1. The Jewish community it Hollywood, We the people are Showtime at the Apollo and the Crenshaw district, Atlanta California Detroit Chicago New Orleans the home of soul.

  2. Hello. I live in Howard County Maryland I’ve been trying to covert to Islam for many years but receive no correspondence from the organizations, when I reach out. May you please assist me with helping me get connected so that I can become a Muslim woman please?

    Sister Kizziah

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