We Are LIVE From the SUPREME COURT! Dobbs v Jackson Women's Health | Louder with Crowder

Our reporter is live at the SCOTUS today, bringing us updates as they develop. We’re appropriating Pacific Islander culture today. The border is worse than ever, and Biden doesn’t want to do anything to actually address it. His government is more concerned with diversity. And AOC says she doesn’t make enough money for being useless. #BorderCrises #StateDept #SCOTUS

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Music by @Pogo

00:00 Introductions
05:31 Gingersnap Live From DC
13:35 Pacific Island Fact or Fiction
22:20 Mazie Hirono Sucks
26:16 More From DC
39:20 AOC has Student Debt?
52:35 Ezra Miller, the Pedofile Superhero
1:03:00 Back To DC with Gingersnap
1:27:55 State Department Policies
1:44:28 YouTube, Piss Off

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