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Why everyone need skinWhitening & #skinBrightening ?
this video is useful for ladies and gentlemen !
helpful for Any Skin Tone !!!
keep watching then you will know what I mean =)

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37 thoughts on “Way to Skin Whitening Brightening Like Kpop Idol | Men's Ladies Skincare | 極速美白 ISSAC YIU

  1. I'm just sad, not as lucky as people out there who do according to the consequences. But what can I do, I've tried various ways but no good results. I'm frustrated, so I mean s

  2. To lighting and whitening skin
    1.drink water empty stomach in the morning (water therapy)
    2.apply oils on skin (almond oil,sunflower oil, sesame oil, sandalwood oil)
    3.do exercise daily (it helps lighting skin and whitening skin)
    4.use glutathione.,vitamin e, vitamin b3, vitamin d3, vitamin c creams or foods
    I think it helps you to be happy 😊but I don't know ,these results are permanent or not

  3. Whats wrong with being darker? Whats the purpose of changing the color of your skin ? Isn't it racist to say such things ?and why are you saying" its so dark" and " lighten your skin to look glowy"," its better….." Dang you guys are so superficial .#weird

  4. Hi, did anyone try white conc? And how much it take time to see the result? And i only have lotion and body shampoo is it enough or should i buy everything? Please help🤍

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