There are a lot of rumors swirling around about waterbirth in the hospitals in Dallas and Fort Worth right now, and I’d like to answer some of the questions that I’ve been seeing floating about in different groups.  This information is current as of me writing it on the evening of April 17th and may require an update in the future.

1.  What’s going on at Harris Downtown?  Are the Acclaim Midwives still doing waterbirths?

Today, no.  Waterbirth is not happening – full stop – while it is being reviewed by a hospital committee.  This is not due in any part to fault by the midwives.  Women who were planning to deliver in the water may still labor in the water, but they cannot have a waterbirth right now.

I suspect the Acclaim Midwives could use some words of support.  You can leave them a note on their Facebook page.  I also suspect the hospital needs to hear from those of us who are unhappy about this change.  You can send them a note via their Contact form.

2.  Is there another hospital in Dallas or Fort Worth where I can have a waterbirth?

Dallas:  the short answer is no.  The long answer is – hopefully soon.  Adrienne Jones is working to bring waterbirth to Dallas Presby (on Walnut Hill).  I spoke with her about ten days ago and she is currently working out of an OBs office while working to get her own space.  I’ll post updates as I have them. UPDATE: Adrienne Jones, CNM is now attending waterbirths as part of the THD Midwifery & Family Wellness program! Click here to order your pool rental & set up: THD Waterbirth

Fort Worth: yes.  Harris Southwest and the Grace Midwives are still offering waterbirth.  Buoyant Birth (that’s us!) is providing the tubs.  

3.  If I want a waterbirth at Harris Southwest, how does this work?

Choose the Grace Midwives as your provider.  Talk to them about wanting to have a waterbirth, then visit our Rentals page to reserve your tub.  

Our staff will be on call for you beginning at 37 weeks.  Your midwife will let us know when you are headed to the hospital and need a tub, and you’re also welcome to give us a heads up.  Our on-call number is answered 24 hours a day and once you request the tub, it will arrive at the hospital within two hours.  After your baby is born, call us again (usually the midwife or nurse calls) and we’ll be back within two hours to take the pool down.



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