Here’s how the process there works – clients of Grace OB/GYN and Midwifery can speak with their care provider about their interest in waterbirth, then make their pool reservations through Buoyant Birth.  During labor, as you communicate with your midwife, they’re also communicating with us to let us know that you’re in labor and need a tub.  Once we get the go signal from your midwife, a member of our staff heads to the hospital to set up the tub.  After your baby is born, we get a call from your midwives to let us know and we head back over to take the pool down.  

We spent much of the end of 2016 getting ready for this to start, and we’re so thrilled that it has!  Now that we’ve done several births there, I can say that it’s going smoothly and simply without families needing to do any work with the pools.  Someone from Buoyant Birth sets up the pool, takes it down, and cleans all of the equipment so that you can focus on your birth and afterwards, your beautiful baby!

If you have any questions about how this works, we’d love to talk more with you about it!  Please feel free to call us at 844-752-2682 and we’ll chat!


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