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Warrior Mace Training

Train like an ancient Hindu warrior with a mace, or gada. The one I used in the video is from Onnit:


46 thoughts on “Warrior Mace Training

  1. Alexander couldn't enter India..A Mauryan General Purushottama/Porus defeated Alexander who is 100 times less stronger than the Mauryan Emperor..

  2. Can I do this with a barbell. Might not be as effective as the entire bar holds the weight rather then the end. I'm just a boy trying to build a good foundation frame to add to during manhood.

  3. Well, In India Soldiering is an honorable profession. Hence the fierce warriors who Alexander faced.
    I can tell you, that soldier culture is more or less the same.

  4. Thank you for acknowledging the source so honestly. Though id like to say that wootz steel is from India. So, there has been a long tradition of fighting with metal maces. It’s simply cheaper to use a stick with a weight for the common village akhada/ open air gym.

  5. Vikings: "We run into battle with hammers and axes"
    Indians: "Lol, you see this?" – wields a massive three foot long heavy mace with one hand.
    Vikings: "Understandable, have a nice day"

  6. Good video! But " did not have steel?" The earliest high carbon steels come from India. Check out the history of so called " damascus steel" also known as wootz steel 😊. The bamboo and cement gadas are used for exercise because they are much easier and cheaper to make . The war maces were made of metal.

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  8. Dammit! And here I thought I came up with a workout system using my sledge hammer in exactly the same way as part of my shoulder and tricep workout. Like.. exactly those moves. Weird.. I guess nothing's new.

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