With weight loss being a hot topic at the moment, as the nation’s waistlines have expanded over lockdown, many of us are setting goals and trying to shift the excess pounds.

When it comes to losing weight, the focus is often on diet and exercise as the two key factors to achieve results. However, sleep is often overlooked. 

While we don’t all need to get eight hours sleep, research shows that if we sleep poorly, for less time than our bodies require, we have an increased risk of obesity, are more likely to have greater body fat, and can also influence how easily you lose weight on a calorie controlled diet. 

But why is this? One study found that poor sleep increases gherlin, often referred to as the “hunger hormone”, which is thought to be responsible for the feeling of hunger.

So, if we are tired, we are more likely to reach for the biscuit tin to increase our energy levels, as we make worse diet and lifestyle choices if we are tired. Consequently, longterm poor sleep may lead to weight gain.

Taking the above into consideration, it’s clear sleep is important for those looking to lose weight. So, if weight loss is your goal, make sure you’re taking sleep seriously!

If you are struggling to lose weight, and think poor sleep could be part of the problem, please don’t accept it any longer!

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