Our state of mind and our emotions determine the quality of our lives. In this brand new series on Wanderlust TV from Anne Marie Kramer, you’ll learn the tools to access different energy. We will use breathwork, yoga, meditation and visualization to guide you into peak states of being.


Primal State:

This class is all about getting back to our roots. Humans are the most domesticated animals on the planet. Untether yourself from societal norms. Using movements that keep you close to the ground and reach to the sky. Let’s get back to our true nature.  Let it all out in this class and be free. Get ready to shake, crawl and jump to your primal state.

Chill State:

Adrenaline is not ecstasy.  This class is all about taking your nervous system down into the parasympathetic state.  In this deeply relaxed state is where the body can rest, restore and regenerate. This is the ultimate letting go of control and feeling your energy on a subtle level. We will move slow, breathe slow and rest our heavy heads. Come out of this class feeling more alive than ever.

Flow State:

This class is all about getting out of your mind and into Flow state. Using meditation, breathwork, circular movement and music. We will set up a flow and let you go. We become one with the experience. Let go and be free.

Superhuman State:

Recognize your potential. Some days you just have to get after it. When we overcome physical challenges our mind affirms our powerful core of being. This class will be hard, but you are strong and you know it. Get ready to breathe hard. Do it and feel superhuman.

Love State:

Only love is real. Everything else is fear. This class is designed to move us from fear to love. Using breath, movement, visualizations and feeling into our heart center. Come out of this class in love with yourself, others and life.


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