VP Harris hosts roundtable on Black women’s maternal health

Vice President Kamala Harris holds a roundtable to discuss Black women’s maternal health. Stay Connected Forbes on …

26 thoughts on “VP Harris hosts roundtable on Black women’s maternal health

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  2. When Douglas kisses her one can only imagine what thoughts go through his mind about where those lips have been and what they have done.🤢🤮 I reckon it would be like being married to a pornstar.🙄

  3. Kamala’s playing host today
    While at the border children perish.

    “we know that some were found alive
    Which proves they really can survive.
    “I think I’ll have the apple pie”
    says Mrs, Harris.

  4. These comments under this video are honestly disgusting. I don’t believe she is playing the race card she is issue a issue that has been a problem for decades and has never been addressed. Understandable she should address what’s going on at the border but she decided to address this first because she said she would they day after she was elected

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