Virtual Team Building Activities [IDEAS FOR REMOTE TEAMS]

Virtual Team Building Activities [IDEAS FOR REMOTE TEAMS] / Are you looking for some virtual team building activities that you can do remotely? Virtual teams have as great an opportunity as anyone to do team building, so today I’m going to teach you some remote team building activities and virtual team icebreakers that you can introduce as remote work games. These online team building games are great team building activities for conference calls that I’ve used myself for some solid virtual team building.

Today’s virtual teams YouTube video is here to save the day for you if you’re struggling to come up with ideas on virtual team building games. I’m so glad you’ve joined me!


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21 thoughts on “Virtual Team Building Activities [IDEAS FOR REMOTE TEAMS]”
  1. Thank you for sharing these great team-building activities. I tried #3 "Once upon a time" with my colleagues this morning and it was a blast. They were impressed with the effectiveness of the activity and found it to be really fun. Thank you, Adriana!

  2. Hey, look at all these great ideas to force people to engage in awkward activities with colleagues even when they don't have to go to work. Not even covid was enough to escape corporate bs. I wish management just had their own life instead of compensating for the lack of that in work.

  3. Thanks for ideas Adriana! I'm going to apply these ideas to my departmental weekly virtual meeting next Friday! I hope these will work for them!


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