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Viral Dad Photoshops Crazy Images Whenever Wife Asks If Their Baby Is Okay

Kenny Deuss started making the edits to give his girlfriend a laugh, but now he has a huge following on social media for his photoshopped creations.

One dad got creative after his girlfriend asked how their baby was doing when she was out – and his response has gone viral!

According to Yahoo! Life, Kenny Deuss decided to have some fun when his girlfriend kept checking in on their baby. Using Photoshop, he created a series of fake images featuring their daughter in dangerous situations. After his girlfriend found the photos hilarious, Kenny decided to share them with the rest of the world and started an Instagram account.

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Now known as @OnAdventureWithDad on Instagram, Kenny has amassed over 327,000 followers since starting his account last year. The father, who hails from Antwerp, Belgium, regularly updates his feed with edited photos of his daughters, Alix, 2, and Aster, who was born earlier this year.

Kenny’s posts feature imaginative images alongside creative posts. One of his most recent photoshopped creations show his eldest daughter, Alix, stuck in a vending machine, while another photo features his younger child being kidnapped by a seagull.

Other images show his toddler barbecuing her doll, robbing a bank, and his infant being carried away by a group of balloons. Kenny often reminds his audience that no children were harmed in the making of the photos, and they are all the result of his excellent editing skills.

Speaking to Bored Panda, Kenny says when he first started taking the photos, his girlfriend would show them to her friends and co-workers. Suddenly, many people in their lives started looking forward to the photoshop fails, which motivated Kenny to take the images to social media.

He also opened up about how he creates the photos. Oftentimes, he’ll get an idea for a picture in his head but in order to recreate it, he usually has to encourage his daughters to pose in a certain way. Kenny said his girlfriend “always makes sure that the pictures were safely made.”

The father-of-two added that he appreciates the opportunities he’s had to bond with his daughters while creating the viral images, especially his older daughter, who is often the star of his portraits.

Kenny described the toddler as a “funny character [who is always] trying to make us laugh,” which works in their favor when taking the shots.

Perhaps surprisingly, Kenny isn’t a photograph or graphic designer by trade. He works at a Belgium concert hall known as Kavka and also is a member of the electronic post-rock band The Compleat Angler.

To see more of Kenny’s hilariously photoshopped images and his insights into parenting, check out his Instagram page.

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