We practice the Webster Technique, which is utilized for pregnancy and postpartum. We also practice Sacro-Occipital Technique, which focuses on whole body alignment, cranial systems and organ systems. This technique is not limited to joints, but focuses on full musculoskeletal and nervous system integration.  These techniques are ideal for infants, children, pregnancy and postpartum. In addition, the special focus we place on cranial work is ideal for infants and toddlers and allows for conservative management of issues like cranial imbalances, torticollis, plagiocephaly and/or breastfeeding difficulties. 

What piece of advice do you wish each and every person could follow to help improve their health and wellness?

At Verve, we always emphasize the importance of a well-rounded lifestyle. Oftentimes, the most basic aspects of health are overlooked, leading to larger biomechanical, biochemical, emotional, and neurological imbalances down the road. Maintaining a positive attitude, creating an efficient mindset, and setting priorities have huge impacts on health. Getting outside, eating intuitively and anti-inlammatory, and regularly setting time aside for mindfulness should be priority. In addition, finding a doctor that will work with your goals will make all the difference. It’s important to remember that wellness shouldn’t be a stagnant goal, rather a lifelong journey. 

We are big fans of chiropractic care for all stages of life. What are some of the greatest benefits you have seen with chiropractic care assisting those in the motherhood stage of life?

Chiropractic is not only about muscles and joints. It’s about connecting patients to their optimal state of health. Chiropractic care through pregnancy eases pain and anxiety by aligning your physical, mental and emotional well-being, Chiropractic care has been shown to decrease labor times by 24% for a first birth and 33% for a second birth.  In addition, by properly aligning mom’s pelvis and reducing muscle imbalances, we can create an optimal environment for proper delivery position for baby. Sub-optimal fetal positioning, such as breech positioning, results in c-section delivery in up to 85% of cases. 

Postnatal chiropractic care eases the stress and aches associated with this transition. Following birth, there is both a drastic hormonal shift, and center of gravity shit. Balancing breastfeeding with car-seat-carrying and baby-holding tends to lead to misalignments. Taking the time to fully recover is crucial for optimal healing. Chiropractic care aids the body’s adaptability to these hormonal, biomechanical, and emotional changes.  

The birth process is extremely physically demanding for both mother and baby. According to some studies, as much as 70 lbs of pressure is placed on the baby’s head and neck during birth. In many instances, the push/pull forces or an improper birthing position can lead to musculoskeletal or nervous system injuries. We commonly see misalignments in new babies as a result. We treat babies as little as a few hours old. We commonly see infants with trouble latching, difficulty settling while breastfeeding, difficulty sleeping and/or challenges with digestion, reflux and elimination. Helping these infants thrive is one of our passions.  It’s important to mention that chiropractic care for infants is extremely gentle, and the techniques used on infants are quite different than those used on adults. Our main concern is not short term relief, but true healing and an optimal state of function.  

When the team at Verve is not seeing clients, where can we find you all?

Our team loves to engage in the community of the surrounding Raleigh area. When not seeing patients, you can find us frequenting our Pilates studio and enjoying time with friends & family. In addition, we host monthly Pathways Connect meetings, with a goal of connecting like-minded families on their journey of true health and healing. All are welcome, and we hope to see you there!  For more information please check out @verveholistichealth on instagram and Facebook. Our website is verveholistic.com and our phone number is 919-782-3870. 


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