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Veganism Is Good?


36 thoughts on “Veganism Is Good?

  1. LOOK at the ire in his eyes where you stopped the video. These people are SO angry all the time. SO indoctrinated & hell bent on being in the cult. Truly scary. Pushing it on pregnant women? That's as monstrous as the vax pushers on pregnant women!!

  2. It all makes sense…until your physical body starts to fall apart. You can tell your body all day long that 'studies say'…its a RELIGION. An ideology that has zero to do with physical realities.

  3. I love the videos of carnivore channels that talk about their years of being vegan, like Steak and Butter Gal. She was vegan for six years, lost her period and had bad acne. She is thriving now. Her health has been revived.

  4. There has been no studies following an omnivore to vegan diet transition. Nothing. All we have are "polls" on existing vegans.
    It's prone to survivorship bias. To understand this bias, imagine we ask people who drank milk for years how they feel. They will say "i drink milk and i'm fine !".
    Should we conclude everyone can drink milk ? Of course not. Many people lack lastase enzyme.
    Some people have more or less DHA, more or less Retinol, etc… and the remaining Vegans are the one with the right genes, a minority of people.

  5. These vegans..
    There are also Docs who say carnivore and keto are good too.
    I see people like this person as child abusers. Just evil… And crazy..
    Is this guy a Doc???
    I hate people who have no collage in nutrition saying anything… They need to sit. Down and shut up… He needs to sit down shut up…

  6. Funny how they have to. Work at protecting their diet choices..
    When something works.. you. Don't have to sell it. Or defend it… 😂🤣😥🤮🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿💩

  7. I follow carnivore, keto and vegan stuff.. no one diet is good for everyone… He is delusional if he thinks so.
    That's like saying we all should live in the same houses, same environments, same religions, same everything like cookie cutter.
    I'm so. Sick of people who advocate this is the only way. Veganism is the only way..
    What idiots.

  8. Research does not prove anything. A researcher comes up with a hypothesis, which is then supported or unsupported. The research he cites should demonstrate this. People who don't understand this typically have never done research.

  9. Research does not prove anything. A researcher comes up with a hypothesis, which is then supported or unsupported. The research he cites should demonstrate this. People who don't understand this typically have never done research.

  10. This guy is so malnourished that he can't even make sense anymore. I'm literally exhausted yet my brain is formulating more coherent thoughts right now than he ever will so long as he stays vegan. I pray he gets therapy and starts eating a BALANCED diet again

  11. People still don't even know what tonsils are used for. There's so much more to learn about the human body in general. It is ok to question things, especially concerning your health involving these short-studied experiments in general, including medicine. Great video Poohster 🙂

  12. I think you'll find that there is.
    Morathi Howie, vegan 23 years
    Victoria Morgan, vegan 37 years
    Rae Szikora, vegan 45 years. These are just a few, veganism is not an experiment. You should get your facts right before posting misinformation.

  13. My son was vegan for 3+ years. Then he started bleeding copiously from a dental procedure. He started eating meat again after a doctor recommended it. I've had the Bill Gates burger….lots of starches, coloring and soy…nothing good for you and no protein!

  14. I even offered to pay a fee if he would discuss wound healing….ignored me…they said they are not nutritionists…ok…quit insisting your pushing a healthy diet then….he then says he's ethical vegan…wtf

  15. Man there is so much I could say… but it was the “study is factual” for me. In science we won’t state that – correlate … ok … validity ok … “power” with using statistics… sigh. Then breaking down the type of study and length of study … participants/variables …I digress.

    On another note – I did like 25 hrs of studies and like Char confirmed no longitudinal studies. Most studies described veganism as “ a new age diet” meaning… those participating are Guinea pigs. My family was* one for 7 years and all my kids had severe health and dental issues. Myself multitude of issues. 7-8 months later —- we are so much healthier. My kids are different people… anyways. I’m just disgusted by people who think this diet is fail proof or natural when without supplements- we have no chance whatsoever (we used them and our bodies didn’t digest at the end)

    An exvegan doc – Dr. Mark Hyman actually breaks down why most people/humans don’t thrive solely with veganism. He then integrates a whole food diet with animal products in “The Pegan Diet”

    Anywho let me go and eat my chicken stew “pollo guisado”

  16. But the vegan diet is not healthy for all stages of life. For children it is not recommended. I would not recommend it for elderly either who need lots of quality protein. I don't know for whom it is the optimal choice.

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