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VEGAN SNACKS FOR KIDS! Easy Kids Snacks. Self-Regulation Snacks.

Thank you to ZipTop for sponsoring today’s video. Check them out here : We recently set-up a self-regulation snack area for our kids! As a vegan family, you guys are always asking what my kids eat in a day, and what I eat in day. This video shows just a few of the easy to serve snacks that my kids can get on their own!

HEY! I’m Arianna. Here on this channel I share everything encompassing motherhood and minimalism. Giving tips on intentional living and striving for a natural and vegan lifestyle while keeping things 100% reallife!

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21 thoughts on “VEGAN SNACKS FOR KIDS! Easy Kids Snacks. Self-Regulation Snacks.

  1. Love your vlogs! My kids eat some veggies and fruit but what are some tips to entice your kids to try new things , I guess expand their food palet and like it!? Thanks: )

  2. Yessss! I’m glad I’m not the only one who lets my kids eat when they are hungry but not hungry for an entire meal. I’m not sure how some parents tell their kids no to food!

  3. I know you have done what we eat in a day videos before . I would love if you shared more of new food recipes you have tried here and there!

  4. I'm curious, what makes the ZipTop containers any different than using an actual plastic/stainless steel container? They seem so durable and strong so why not just use a typical container.

  5. we dont do snacks. when my oldest was a toddler he would say no to any food accept chips. so we started doing meals only. so he does not have to eat but he has to sit for all 3 meals. now he is 8 and eats all his food plus 3rds at dinner time. but we dont do snacks because they would not eat dinner half the time if they where allowed to snack.

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